Cross country auto movingMoving a home usually comes with moving a car, too. Whether you are living in a small city or a large metropolitan area and you have to relocate, chances are that most likely you will also consider moving your car cross country with you. What is to know about moving cross country with a car? Here you will read how to find the costs of the different cross country car moving services, finding cross country car moving companies, what will your auto shipping cost you and some more tips. So, here is the most important question then – how to move your car cross country?

Moving or Driving Your Auto?

The cross country car movers will ship your auto, whatever the distance, so just make sure it is worth it. If you are relocating coast to coast it makes not much sense to sit for days in the car driving when you can use this time to do a lot more. For small distances like moves from one neighborhood to another or from one city to the city nearby, sometimes even a cross country car move to the neighboring state may have a better option – driving your vehicle yourself. Take a look at the costs for moving a car below and decide yourself what is the option that suits you better.

Car transportation

Contact the local DMV as soon as you arrive.

How to Move Your Car Cross Country

How to move your car cross country starts with good planning. Usually the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the place where you have to go to have your car registered. When moving cross country with a car the regulations of your new state will apply a deadline for that – for example 60 days. If you have a motorcycle, car, passenger van, 3/4 ton (or less) pickup truck, utility or house trailer most probably there will be one set of rules for registering all those. Usually commercial vehicles and military family vehicles are registered differently. In order to find this out you have to consult the local DMV. Mind that it is sometimes named differently – for example in Minneapolis it is called Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services. Also when moving cross country with a car in some states you will be able to complete all procedures in one desk while in others – on multiple. You can find a list with all DVM sites for the USA on this link. When moving your car cross country you will usually be subject to a knowledge test and a vision test. If you are arriving at the new state without a driving license or if your license has expired before a certain period of time you may also have to take a road test. Be prepared when visiting the local DVM to show your ID, proof of car insurance and car ownership and provide odometer readings to start with. The exact requirements and extra documents to provide will differ in the various states.

Find Your Cross Country Car Movers

Informing yourself of the procedure to moving your car cross country is the first step. The next one is to find the right cross country car movers for your auto relocation and establish the possible cost of moving car cross country. Before you ask for a car shipping estimate research over the company and its way of working. Professional automobile movers will have good reviews and ratings at the USDOT website. You can check an automobile moving company for moving your car cross country at the BBB and the American Moving and Storage Association. They are both prestigious and have requirements that member companies need to fulfill; requirements related to providing quality services.

Cost of Moving Car Cross Country

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The best way to find out the cost of your car move is to get a quote. Still, open trailers are less expensive to opt for.

After that ask for a quote from several different moving companies to find out about the precise cost of moving car cross country that will be applicable in your case. If you have a sedan for example you can expect it to be shipped for about $700 to $1,200. Look towards an expense around about $1200 if your vehicle is not running. Moving your car cross country in a closed trailer could go up to $2,000 starting from about $1,700 so research what auto shipping companies charge and choose a reasonable price. These are the average costs for cross country car moving services. You can see what are the cost forming factors that cross country car movers apply here. After you know them and and the various costs for cross country car moving services by movers you will collect a realistic idea of what you may have to pay to have your car shipped.

Cross Country Car Move

Moving your car across country is not a rocket science – just follow the tips here and you will surely have a smooth car moving. Do you have more tips to add for a cross country car move? You can make a comment below – all ideas are welcome.