Moving to a warmer climateWarm weather is great – you can take long walks, go jogging in the park, go sunbathing and swim in the water or an open pool… There are so many benefits of moving to a warmer climate, plus a few disadvantages. A move is stressful enough and when you add changing the environment and the climate, you get another aspect of your move to consider before relocating. That is why before moving to a warmer weather you should be aware of its most important pros and cons so that you can take an informed decision about your move.

Pros & Cons of Warmer Climate States

Advantages to Warm Weather

  1. Warm weather is good for your body. Lots of the organs and systems in your body function better in warm weather because of the benefits of the sun – lungs, heart, bones get stronger, the immune system is strengthened, the memory is improved, etc. Plus, the sunlight causes more of the hormones of happiness to be produced in your body, the stress hormone production decreases in the sun and melatonin, which makes us sleepy, is also produced in smaller quantities.

    Warm climate activities

    There are many things to do outside in warm weather and have lots of fun!

  2. The sun will make you healthier. Even a small time that you spend in the sun can help your body create Vitamin D which is good for your body in many aspects and can prevent cancer. The sunlight is proven to have direct positive influence to your self-esteem and your mood, and people living in a warmer climate are less prone to depression and suicide. Also, according to statistics, the mortality rate is higher in areas with colder weather.
  3. There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy. Unlike when it is cold outside, summer offers many things to do. When it is snowing, foggy and windy, the last thing you want is being exposed to the low temperatures, right? In the cold you usually prefer to stay at home, in front of the TV or computer, and don’t feel like going out as much as you do in summer and when it is warm. Sailing, fishing, sunbathing, jogging, picnicking, swimming are just a small part of all the fun things you could do in a warm climate. Can you think of more?
  4. It is good for the kids. Would you prefer it if your kids stay at home and play video or computer games because it’s whizzing outside and they cannot go out, or if it is nice and warm outside and your children can play in the yard, with other kids or do sports after school?
  5. Warm weather is beautiful. Sometimes storms, rain, snow, fog, etc. can prevent you from seeing anything outside your window, while in a warmer state you can enjoy more the clear blue sky, sunrise, sunset, you can see through your window, the flowers are blossoming also which makes nature even prettier. It is up to you to decide what you like better – snow or sun, but this was just another aspect for you to compare and take into consideration.

Disadvantages of Warm Weather

  1. Bugs, insects, spiders, etc. are more and bigger in a warmer climate. They don’t just bite and sting, but they can also transfer diseases. When living or moving to a warmer state, use products that will keep away those little nasty things. Use nets for the doors and windows of your new home and skin products to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

    Warmer weather relocation

    The warmer climate is great because the sun has lots of positive effects on the body, therefore it is good for the health of you and your whole family!

  2. No white Christmas. There are some states that have little or no snow around Christmas which means no throwing snow balls in the yard and no making of snowmen. You may not be fond of snow or you may be, but is this your idea of Christmas family time? Of course, you can always go to the beach at Christmas time and use fake snow to have fun while wearing your swimming suit, right?
  3. No four seasons. Some states don’t have snowy winter, but they also don’t have 4 distinct seasons. Would you enjoy having no spring and autumn that can also be so beautiful?

Moving to a Warmer State Tips

When moving to a warmer state, remember to separate items that you won’t need anymore because of the different weather like boots and winter clothes. You may also give away the snow shovels. If you have items that are sensitive to high temperature like electronics, check out their manuals to see how to protect them and plan their packing well. Sometimes it is not easy to figure this out. That is why movers can help. Moving to a warmer state with a climate different from where you live right now could be a bit of a challenge but with the help of a professional moving company you will certainly make your move much better. If you have items you are worried about because of the warmer climate you are moving to, you can ask the movers for climate-controlled shipping via airplane or truck, and such special packaging as well. It is better to take the necessary measures to protect your belongings than risk that the high temperatures to damage them. If you will be organizing your move yourself, have in mind that moving things in an open trailer will expose them directly to the sunlight and that in a van or truck the temperatures can go up because of the lack of air circulation. To minimize any risks related to your move, you could get a free quote here and hire a moving company. Isn’t it always so much easier when someone else does the dirty work?

Should I Move to a Warmer Climate?

It is up to you to decide this, just remember that warm weather is good for you in many aspects and you will figure out what to do. If you liked this article, you can share it.