Vehicle movingRelocating your vehicle when moving is a choice that you need to carefully consider. Moving a vehicle from one state to another requires time to prepare – just like moving a home does, and also finding the right car movers requires you to know a few important things. If you are relocating short distance, your car move has an easy answer – you just get in and drive it there. But when it comes to long distances, moving a vehicle across country with a professional mover becomes not just a reasonable option but also a necessity. Of course, you have a few options like hiring a local student to drive, hiring a broker to find a vehicle relocation company for you or you can find reliable auto movers. Let’s see what you can do to move your vehicle the best and safest way possible. We will review in this article the 3 possibilities that you have.

Moving a vehicle across country with car movers

Moving a vehicle from one state to another can take place easily depending on how you prepare. There are not just a list of things to know for your car’s long distance move, but you will need ample time. This is one of the factors for the success of your car relocation. You need time to plan and implement all the activities, explained below, that you need to perform. Since the most common way to move a vehicle across the country is with vehicle relocation companies, this is the first thing that you will read about here below.

  1. The number one thing to do while preparing your car for the move, is to look for reliable vehicle relocation companies. How can you do that? In order to have the opportunity to make a selection, you need to contact a few car moving companies first. You can do that by asking for a quote. In this way you will see what the probable vehicle moving cost is as well. Once you get responses, see what the ratings and reviews of those companies are and then book one.
  2. After you have contacted and selected probable vehicle relocation companies to choose from, be clear on the moving conditions that they have and what options do they provide.
  3. How do you want your vehicle to be shipped – in an open or closed trailer? Most vehicle movers use open trailers but you can request the other option as well. Using an enclosed trailer is more expensive, but it will protect your vehicle better from adverse weather conditions and dust and dirt on the road, while it is being transported.
  4. Do you want it to be picked up and delivered at your home or would you be willing to take it to a terminal and/ or pick it up from one? This is one of the factors that will define the cost of transportation of your automobile and of course it is an option that you need to consider depending on what is convenient for you. People that are busy and don’t have time for taking their car and picking it up from a terminal, choose door-to-door transportation.
  5. Ask the vehicle relocation company lots of questions.Get yourself informed about every step of the moving process – what happens to your car when it gets into the hands of the movers, when do they transport it, can you follow online where your vehicle is located at any moment in time, etc.

    Contract signing for shipping

    Before signing the contract with the vehicle moving company, read it and inform yourself if the conditions in it are the same as what you agreed with the mover.

  6. Review the documentation carefully. What is the car mover’s policy on damages – what is the procedure to solve the issue if it occurs, how will you be reimbursed, what happens if the company does not acknowledge causing damages, etc. Car damages by movers occur rarely but if it does, you should know what can happen and how you can protect your property.
  7. When you move a vehicle from state to state, read before you sign the moving documentation! It is easy to put your signature on, once you’ve made all the arrangements, without reading what’s written. We would advice you not to skip that part! Be clear under what conditions is your vehicle being relocated – can you get your deposit back if you decide to use a different company, what happens if the movers are late or don’t arrive at all, are there any additional taxes that apply and under what conditions, etc.

 Move a vehicle across the country – 2 more options

You can hire a professional driver to move your vehicle. This is a good option if you are moving your auto on a short distance, if you don’t mind the extra mileage on your car. There are some vehicle relocation companies that will even allow you to transport personal items in the car. If you want to save some money, you can hire for a driver a local student. The risk is higher here because if something happens to your car you cannot be reimbursed as you would with a professional moving company. In this case make sure that your insurance covers theft or any accidents that may occur if someone else is driving your vehicle. If you want a better guarantee that your vehicle will be relocated successfully, best would be to hire a professional company. You may think that the other options are cheaper, but if the driver damages your car, the costs can go much higher than the price for hiring a reliable auto mover. It is up to you on how to proceed to move your vehicle to a different state. Compare the advantages and disadvantages and begin the organization process.