How to create floor planA good floor plan is a basis for a comfortable and efficiently created home. What does that mean? Arranging your new home has to be done the right way. Sometimes there will be differences in the floor area of your old and new home, and certainly the arrangement of the premises in and around it will be different. This creates the need to make some revisions and some plans about how to create a floor plan of your house or apartment. And we have some great ideas for you which will certainly be helpful. Here are a few suggestions on how to design your floor plan.

How to Build a Floor Plan for a House or Apartment

  • Take measurements of your new place.Measure the width of the walls, the size of the windows, the floor, installations like outlets and ventilation as well. Before you can begin to think what to place in your new home, you need to now what you have at your disposal. Also, installations are difficult to move and if you want to make some changes in them, it better be before you move in so that the work on it can be done without any difficulties for the person doing the job and without any inconveniences for you (you won’t have to move around furniture after you move in, for example, because the place will still be empty).

    House floor plan

    Your new home may look spacious, but how will your furniture fit in it?

  • Measure what you have. If there is particular furniture you wish to take to your new home, you must find a place for it first. Where do you want to put your couch, your bed, your kitchen table, etc? Find a place for every item, measure it and see if it will fit and how much will it leave for the other pieces of furniture like drawers, chairs, etc. Think in terms of making your place convenient. For instance, you may prefer to place your bed on a wall that doesn’t have a window on so you won’t catch cold if you leave the window open through the night. Think about how to position your desk so that the lighting on it will be convenient for your work there.
  • Consider a place for all the small things. Will you also be moving souvenirs, pictures in frames, paintings, etc? If so, consider where you will place them. In your new home the layout of the rooms will most probably be different so you need to know this in advance. What if there is no room for that large painting that you now have? Planning the little things will make arranging your home faster. Plus, you will know what to take so that you won’t have to pay to move things which won’t be used. If you want your home to be entirely ready to live in, includingly pictures hang on the walls, you can order luxury moving services.
  • It is an opportunity to buy new things.Whatever you need can be bought before the move and you can order the furniture to arrive at your new house or flat on a particular day. Making a floor plan is useful because you will be able to arrange your home to be ready on the move-in day with all the major furniture you will need. Other, smaller items like cutlery, pots & pans, towels, etc. can be bought later.

    Furniture moving floor plan

    Will your furniture fit in your new home? Measure the doors!

  • Plan the relocation of the larger items. Will your queen size bed fit in your new bedroom? Or the couch? Measuring the walls and doors is useful because you will know where your new furniture can go through to reach its new place. And if any item has to be dismantled in advance. In such case you will need to have in advance the tools do it and eventually arrange with a friend or with the movers to dismantle furniture and disconnect appliances. If you need rigging services, you should inform the movers so that they could prepare the proper equipment and plan the timing of your move more accurately.
  • The movers will have a good use of your floor plan, and so will you. They will know where to place the items in your new home and where to put together the furniture. The organization of the whole move will be easier and faster if you are informed in advance about the relocation of your household – what you will be taking and where will its new place be. Whether you will be using the services of a moving company or not, knowing how to make a good floor plan is an advantage and a necessity for every move.

As you can see, creating a floor plan is not such a complicated task. These several tips are simple but will considerably improve the quality of your relocation process. Are there other tips that could become handy when making a good floor plan? Make a comment and let us know!