Move clothesSo, you are looking at your closet or thinking about how to pack all of the things that you have. Clothes are usually one of the types of things everybody moves. But where do you start from? How do you do it? Here are some tips on how to select what clothes to take and great advice on how to move them. Usually the most difficult thing about every move is how and where to begin. This article will show you what you need to know to prepare for your move and make it simpler, easier and more efficient.

Moving Clothes Across Country

What do you need? Do not pack everything as every item you wish to move will boost up your overall moving costs. There is a selection that you should make about what you could consider getting rid of.

  • Old stuff. Those are things that are out of fashion, forgotten somewhere deep down in your closet – they could be clothes, shoes, or accessories. If you care about which color dominates in the haute couture then you need to make a selection.
  • Worn out items. These are things that are torn apart, worn out, and just don’t look good any more. May be you’ve been meaning for ages to go and fix that boutique pair of boots but never actually went on to do it. Well, you can still decide to just let go of them and get new ones. If not, make sure that such items are fixed before the actual moving date, at least a week before they should be ready, so that you have the time to pack them.
  • Things that don’t fit any longer. Perhaps your children have grown up? May be you lost weight? Whichever it is, if there are clothes that don’t fit you or a member of your family any longer, then they’re worth leaving behind. There are many options about what to do with things that are useable but not desirable to you any longer – donate them, sell them or just give them away.
  • Things you just don’t want. May be you put on that dress so many times that you are just tired of it? Or you don’t feel like wearing those particular pair of jeans any longer? Well, just do the same as with the category of things above and you’ll be just fine. In this way you are decreasing the amount of things to move and consequently – your moving costs. Here is also a good reason to go shopping after the move – you will have the chance to get some nice new things and get to know your neighborhood and your city, and isn’t that a cool thing!

Moving Clothes Tips

Here are some tips that can assist you with moving clothes to another state or just down the street!

  • Make a plan of the packing materials. Estimate how much and what sort of items you will be moving so that you would be able to get sufficient boxes, tape and bags. You don’t need to run to the store in the last minute just because you ran out of packing supplies. Which is where our next tip comes handy.

    Moving clothes on hangers

    You can pack easily clothes on hangers - just get some wardrobe boxes!

  • Moving clothes with hangers. If this is what you want, then you could consider getting moving boxes for clothes on hangers. Just take out your clothes and move them to the box. Such wardrobe boxes are very convenient to use because they are quick to pack and unpack. You can place there clothes that need ironing, and you could fold the rest up and put it in boxes.
  • Use a calendar. Well, you don’t want to be left with just two hours in the end of the moving day to start packing clothes, right? So, begin early! Sort out clothes that are out of season or that you won’t use until after the relocation and begin putting them in boxes. Work little by little in the evenings and this will make your move less stressful for sure!
  • Pack only clothes that are dry and clean. Remember to get your clothes from the drycleaner’s before you leave. Any clothes that have been washed should be dry before packing. Sign the boxes with their content and name of the owner, for example “Anna’s winter clothes”
  • Don’t make boxes too heavy. In case you doubt that there will be enough boxes for the rest of your clothes, it is very tempting to just try and jam them all in but this could break the boxes and make a big mess. So, think about vacuum or garbage bags as a last minute resort, and if that doesn’t work, just run to the store to get some more boxes. Clothes could be quite heavy so don’t destroy your boxes like this.
  • Use your own packing supplies. In the meantime, plan how to use your suitcases, too! If you have travel bags and suitcase, just take them out and fill them in. No point on moving them empty anyway, right?
  • Do not pack clothes that you will need during the last days before and after the move. It is very likely that you will not manage to unpack all of your clothes on the first day of your move so fill a bag or suitcase with items that you could need.
  • Shoes need to be packed separately. Here is a guide how to do it.

Were these tips for moving your clothes helpful? Do you want to add some more useful information? Let us know by making a comment! Thank you!