How to calculate a moving budgetMoving to a new house or apartment is always a chance for new and interesting experiences. In the meantime, you are standing before the task of organizing your move efficiently, and you also have the costs to consider. A move is not always cheap. And making your budget is crucial to a successful relocation. You need to know in advance how to make a moving budget so that when the time comes to take the money out, you will be informed and ready.

How To Make a Budget For Moving Out

  • Decide what you can afford on a move. If it is time for you to relocate but you are low on your finances, decide what you can spend for a move. In this way you will be able to distribute what needs to be bought and paid for and will refrain yourself from over-spending.
  • First month after the relocation. If you will be renting a place, make sure you have the money for the first month’s rent and for the security deposit. Before moving out, here is what you need to do in order to get your security deposit back. Also, plan to have money for your bills and daily expenses until you begin to have incomes, that is until you start getting paid from your job. This means that you need to have some additional savings, not only money for the move.

    Estimating moving budget

    How do you create a moving budget? Our tips will help you!

  • Have a plan B. Almost always people forget something when filling out a quote, or they request additional services during the moving process, or for some other reasons the move becomes more expensive than planned. This is a typical situation so always plan at least 10% more than you think your move will cost you, or even better – 20%. And if additional costs come up, things you missed to remember in time, you will be ready. Usually it is the small expenses that could add up – small, additional charges, getting some more extra packing supplies, or other expenditures you have to make like buying snacks for moving day. These small costs are easy to overlook and neglect because they seem small but if you add them up altogether, they could make a sum that is meaningful to you. Money left from the move is easy to redistribute and spend on other things, the opposite could be difficult so be prepared.
  • Do you have kids? If so, do you need a babysitter for the move? Perhaps you could prepare some toys for them to play with during the trip. Also, to make the traveling easier for them, you could consider getting them their favorite food to have on the way or stop by at food chains they like to eat.
  • Check out moving costs. Different moving companies may charge you differently for the same moving services. So, once you get your quotes, take a look at what they include, not just the final offer. Also be careful of hidden charges – these are charges that movers are allowed to ask you to pay for in case the circumstances require it and after you have signed the moving contract they just come with the final bill. That is why it is good to know those in advance.

    Moving budget for kids

    Do you have small children? Consider hiring a babysitter for moving day or leaving them at friends!

  • Hire movers or do it yourself? That is the big question. There are pros and cons in both cases. Just make your calculations carefully before you take the decision to organize a do-it-yourself move. Often, it seems cheaper to just plan the relocation yourself, but consider the time you’d have to dedicate to packing, renting a truck, finding moving labor or getting friends to come on moving day, then driving the truck, unloading and unpacking. In order to know how to create a budget for moving out, estimate what the different scenarios will cost you and compare them before you decide.
  • Looking for a cheaper moving company. There are ways to find cheaper moving companies. Get quotes and compare the results that you get. Just be careful because there are scammers – they give a very low quote and then additional taxes start popping up, or they ask for most of the price in the quote as a deposit and disappear with it. Remember: no one is immunized against encountering rogue movers, whatever the social status and education that you may have!
  • Consider transportation costs. Whether you will be driving your car, taking a bus/ airplane, staying at a hotel, getting meals during the trip, etc. it all adds up, especially if you have a family. It is good to plan the trip in advance so you can get the best offer on airplane tickets and find a hotel/ hostel to rent that is affordable to you. If you have a pet you will be taking with you (a dog or a cat), remember to organize the relocation for it as well – not all hotels allow pets in and you may need to prepare some additional paperwork.

These details we provide here may seem minor and thus – negligible, but they are really important when making a moving budget and that is why they are given in this article. Here are some tips on how to cut on moving costs. Such info is always useful when you are on a strict and very limited budget for your relocation. What else do you find important when making a moving budget? Let us know in the comments!