Most Common Superstitions when MovingThe Pure Excitement of Moving. Moving to a new home is a very exciting moment of everybody’s life. It symbolizes the new beginning and always brings positive feelings and excitement. As a symbol of the new start in your life it is quite normal that you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. For that very reason many people put every their efforts to make sure the process will go effortlessly. That is why it is not surprising how many people turn to superstitions to make sure they will have luck, wealth and happiness in their new home.

More about the Popular Superstitions

Some superstitions are funny, others seem quite odd but people still stick to them. What are the most popular superstitions that people still use to bring them luck and prosperity?
One of the most popular ones is to have a full container of rice when you step into your new home. The same applies for salt and sugar. And the salt should be spread on the floor of every room in the place including over the front door to rebel evil. Perfectly fine, except for the fact that you will have to clean the salt then.
People still believe to the unproven fact that they should move into the new home when the moon is waxing (no one can say for sure where the roots of this superstition lay).
Also there are particular days when you should not move under any circumstances. But it is hard to say which these days are, some say Saturday is the best day, others say it is not. Some say you should definitely move in on Wednesday, others say do it on Monday (because that day symbolizes the new beginning). And these are as far as the quite normal superstitions go.
There are beliefs that you should choose to move on a date which number when written ends on its top rather than on its bottom (zero and eight for example). OK, now take the calendar and start writing.

Odd Practices around the World

Other very popular superstitions include odd and not so odd practices.
In the Philippines for instance it is believed that when moving to a new home the first time you get in you should carry a loaf of bread and a new broom with you. It is believed that you should never take an old broom into a new home.
Also make sure to leave your home from the same door you have enter it when you go out for the first time. Never accept knives and other sharp items such as scissors as presents. When choosing the home, make sure to count the stairs that lead to its door. Their number should not be in multiples of three under any circumstances.

It’s the Final Countdown

So, let’s start singing “It’s the final countdown” and head to the front of the home. And do not forget to scatter coins all over the place when moving in to make sure the prosperity will stay in the place and never leave. Bees inside the home are also believed to bring fortune to the home occupants but as far as the above stated superstitions are a bit odd but harmless, this one is definitely not for everyone. Whether you believe in superstitions or not, you can always enjoy the interesting and strange beliefs that people do when it comes to moving to a new home. And nobody harms to sprinkle some sugar around.

Author: Greg is an expert in the filed of moving and storage. It is a pleasure for him to share relocation ideas and tips with you .