A beautiful city that awaits you.

Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the USA and is located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on the East Coast. The population of the city in 2010 was 1,526,006. It is a beautiful place where you could enjoy history, that attracts plenty of tourist, also history and art museums, huge parkland and so much more. Lots of private and public institutions and plenty of companies – including private and public ones, offer jobs. What is The City of Neighborhoods like? What does it offer to its citizens and what do you need to know before and for your move there? These and more questions will be discussed below.

The Birthplace Of America – What You Need To Know

Why move to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a place where you could enjoy all four seasons. The summers are usually hot and muggy. The winter is cold, and spring and fall are mild. Note which period of the year is most convenient for you to relocate to Philadelphia and prepare accordingly. The City that Loves you Back may look unwelcoming in winter when most people prefer to stay at home away from the cold temperatures.

Happy move to Philadelphia

For a happy relocation to Philadelphia, start preparing early - at least a few weeks in advance. And read the tips and advice that we give you for free in The Moving Blog!

The center of economy in Pennsylvania is the so called Cradle of Liberty – Philadelphia. One of the largest metropolitan economies in the USA is the Philadelphia area. The city is one of the largest health education and research centers in the area and if you are looking for a job there, you have plenty of economic areas where you could search for one: financial services, tourism, healthcare, biotechnology, oil refining, food processing, manufacturing, IT, internet providers, insurance, energy sector, chemical makers, pharmaceutical companies, automotive parts retails, and so much more. The sectors that are developing and offering more and more jobs include professional and business services, education and health services, and leisure and hospitality. Most people are employed by the federal and city governments, University of Pennsylvania followed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – these are the biggest employers in the area. 40,000 new jobs are expected to be added to the city by 2035. If you are a student or you want to study in the city, you can look for moving help here.

Relocating To Philadelphia

If you are looking for Philadelphia moving companies, the best thing to do first is get a quote. It is free and it will give you the information that you need for your move like how much the move will cost you, when is the moving company available, what services do they offer, what budget you will need to prepare for your move. All of these are questions that are basic for a successful move. In order to have a smooth relocation to Philadelphia you need to be prepared with information which will help you take the right decisions.

Another tip that could be quote helpful is to spend some time in preparation before the move. Read some articles regarding the different aspects of the move like packing, moving your pets, how to find out the hidden moving costs of movers, how to avoid the moving stress, etc. We have plenty articles in which you could enjoy and use for free.

Panorama of Philadelphia

Panorama of The Quaker City

Think of people you know who have moved to Philadelphia or have had a trip there for some reason and talk to them. Collect different opinions and remember that everything anybody says will be subjective. While all opinions will be truthful up to some point, the reality will most likely be somewhere in between. So don’t take for granted anything that anybody will say and check the facts – read statistics or just go there and see for yourself what the place is like. Also, keep up to date with the news and weather forecast here.

You can find a long list with ideas on what to do in this visitor and travel site. Another interesting idea would be to make a trip to the city to find out more yourself. Talk to the locals in the supermarkets for example about the neighborhood and ask about their opinion. And when you are there yourself, you will get a feel for the place, too, and will be able to take a better decision for yourself. If you have a family, try to make a trip together and enjoy Philadelphia for a few days before you take a final decision to move there.

Hopefully this short moving to Philadelphia guide will give you a good start in your moving preparation. If you have more useful and interesting info about Philadelphia, make a comment and share it with us and our readers. Thank you and good luck with your move!