Mountain relocationThe mountains – irrelevant of whether you like it or not, it is almost certain that ones you think about it, beautiful scenery appears in your mind and you remember all the breathtaking views you’ve seen. There is so much difference between the city life and the mountains. They are a place that can give so many different things to you, but at the same time they could offer you some challenges. What is it like to move to the mountains and what can you do to make this relocation easier and smoother for you? Here are our tips on how to move to the mountains.

Moving to the Mountains – Yes or No?

There are a number of pros and cons regarding moving to the mountains and we’d like to share them with you so you can figure out by yourself if you are taking the right decision.

The Advantages

When you move to the mountain, you will notice that the air is cleaner than it is in the city because there is no such pollution and traffic. Mountains are not only green but also brown and white, unlike the usual grey color of the city buildings. Because of the thinner air you can get pretty suntan quicker, too. The mountain is good in many aspects – less stress, being close to nature, it is good for the health and if you have any kids, they will certainly love it, too. Here you will be safe from the hassle of the big city, the long traffic jams, the scorching heat that all the concrete in a city emanates and possibly, even allergies that you may have because of the polluted air in the city. You will have some peace and quiet in the mountain, if this is what you are dreaming of, and you will be able to practice winter ports as much as you wish.

The Disadvantages

Move to the mountains

If you move to live in the mountains, you can have a splendid view from your home.

The air is thinner up in the mountains which means less oxygen for you and the sun rays will give you faster suntan so when going out in the sun use a cream with a sun protection factor to keep your skin safe. Nature is beautiful indeed and you may be thinking that because the density of population is lower, housing will most probably cheaper, but don’t count on that. Since the mountains are not part of the production and distribution systems, things may quickly get more pricey due to increase of the gas price. Also, since a lot of people are moving to the mountains, don’t expect that the locals will greet you with open arms. These are people who like the mountain as it is and don’t necessarily approve it when newcomers wish to turn it into the city they came from. That means that you won’t find many things high in the mountains like big shopping centres, malls, cinema, amusement parks, popular food chains, etc. Be ready to lead a different kind of life here. Don’t expect to find plenty of restaurants either so you will most probably have to cook your own food. Be ready for storms, strong, cold winds, lots of snow and eventual crashes of utility systems (electricity, mobile, internet, etc.) Utilities may not be at utmost quality or in some areas may even not be available so research well what access you will have to them. In the mountains you could get a job, but since there are generally fewer job positions opened, don’t expect to make a fine living unless you are highly skilled professional. Some IT specialists for example can work from any point in the world on their computer and make a good living in the mountains.

Winter sports

What can you do in the mountains? Lots of things - like winter sports!

Move to the Mountain Tips

Start planning your move as soon as you decide to relocate. Research the area you are interested in and think about preparing your moving checklist. Driving in snow and ice is probably not the best idea to try, especially when you don’t have much experience. Besides that, the packing, your car relocation and not only can easily be handled by trained professionals who are experienced in mountain relocation. Make your move simpler by contacting mountain movers for a quote, get a few estimates and compare them. At the same time don’t pack everything you have as you won’t need it and it could be costly to be relocated in the mountain. Sift through what you have and collect for your move only items you really intend to use and things that are of emotional/ financial value to you. It will save you time, effort and money. Enjoy the mountains without having to worry about a huge mass of items. While sifting things look for a job in the area and if you can, arrange some job interviews. It is good to have a planned start of your new life once you arrive at your new home. Focus on the positive aspects of your relocation and the new, beautiful changes you are about to experience and if this article was useful or interesting to you, please share it!

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