Australian passportAustralia is a beautiful island and a continent that is really worth considering moving there – it has well developed economy and low poverty rate. If you have already decided or you are considering doing so, the diversity of many cultures in this country will enrich your social life and experience, giving you new perspectives – more than 200 languages are spoken in Australia and people from more than 200 countries are living there. Moving to Australia from the US can not only be a valuable decision, but it can also give you a positive experience you have never had before.

Following our articles Moving to a Foreign Country – a Complete Guide and Checklist and How to Choose a Long Distance Mover this guide is meant to show you the basic tips for moving to Australia. This article will give you a simple checklist of what you might need to prepare for when considering a moving from the States to Australia.

You have decided to move from U.S. to Australia. Now what?

  • Inform yourself well. Look for information about Australia – history, culture, books, movies and etc. will give you a wide perspective of what you can expect to experience when you move from the United States to Australia.
  • Learn how to obtain a working visa and what qualification you may need to have in order to get one. Here are the details regarding visa regulations supplied by the Australian government:
  • The electrical systems in Australia and the USA do not match so be prepared for that as well. Supply yourself with power adapters.
  • Studying in Australia is an opportunity you might also want to consider. The educational system in this country is very well developed and the qualifications rewarded are highly valued. So moving from the USA to Australia can be beneficial for you not only in terms of a career.
  • Check on the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It will give you up to date information regarding economy levels, industry development and data on regional level.
  • If you need some advice for your moving a particular help can be a moving company. Search for a good moving company and ask for a quote.
  • Since surely moving such a far distance is going to be rather costly you can save some money reading company reviews. Don’t underestimate people’s moving experience as it can spare a lot of trouble for you.
  • Once you have your mover chosen and your inventory list is ready keep it and take it with you. On entering Australia every person and every piece of luggage is subject to a physical check for which you need your inventory list. It will show what you are moving and this is why you should bring it with you.
  • If want to move your car or another vehicle to Australia it should be with as little as possible fuel in the tank. This also means you should have with you documents for purchase and the service that you car has had.
  • You should not bring with you food – alcohol is allowed but it may be duty charged heavily depending on what type it is.
  • Genuine leather and pieces of unprocessed wood may not be allowed to enter or you may be required to leave them for cleaning and disinfection at your cost. Otherwise factory production like a leather armchair will go into the country with no problem.

    Move to Australia with a mover

    When you choose your moving company don’t forget to keep your inventory list with you when crossing the Australia border. In case of a physical check of your luggage you will need it.

After the Moving

When you have moved it is time to adapt to your new life. But of course have in mind a few good tips. Australia is a different country and you may find a thing or two different from the US. So – don’t be afraid to ask for anything. After all, at least it is an English speaking country! Since it is very far you may wish to bring something from home – a picture of your yard and the front of your house or a favorite object when you get nostalgic. Probably you have never moved to live abroad but you will feel it when you are a away from your country and hometown.

Pack for the appropriate weather. What’s it going to be like? Check the Bureau of Meteorology to see updated information. Place in your luggage to go on the plane enough clothes for a couple of days just in case something goes wrong with your checked in bags. But adaptation to Australia means not only clothes. You as an adult have planned your moving but if you have kids they will need your special attention to get used to their new life. First when you arrive there will be no one they know in Australia so keeping in touch with their friends at home would be great – ask your children’s friends for their e-mail addresses or other ways they could keep contact.

Traveling to a such a distant country has its pros and cons but either way Australia is a wonderful place to be not only as a tourist but also as a permanent citizen. If you wish to share your ideas of thoughts you can do that by making a comment below.