Stone Street Gardens in Dallas

You can find lots of bistros, pubs and restaurants on Stone Street Gardens.

Dallas – the city where you can find friendly folk, lots of restaurants, shopping malls and centers, a State Fair and so much more to make your life great. The Big D is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas and a major economic center. There is a large concentration of Fortune 500 companies in Dallas. It is a major transportation hub, a major inland port, a strong industrial and financial center, and there is so much more to know about it! What is Dallas? What are the things to know before moving there? What do you need to do to prepare for your relocation? These and other important questions will be answered below.

Moving To Dallas – What To Expect

  1. When it comes to where to live, Dallas has many distinct districts. It is surrounded by many suburbs and there are three enclaves that are within the city boundaries. You can choose between plenty of neighborhoods: Pleasant Grove, South Side Dallas, Oak Cliff, Fair Park, East Dallas and many more.
  2. 18 of the Fortune 500 companies are based in Dallas and there are many employment opportunities available for those who wish to live there. So if you are moving to Dallas without a job, you will surely be able to find one quickly.
  3. The State Fair is a great place to have fun. It has the largest Ferris wheel in the Western hemisphere, a full scale auto show, and these are just a few of all the interesting things you could see and experience there.
  4. The people in Dallas are very friendly. You will often hear “ma’am”, “sir” and “howdy”.
  5. Dallas offers various restaurants with various, international cuisine – French, Japanese, Italian, you name it.
  6. The climate is humid subtropical. Winters are usually mild to warm. Autumn and spring are pleasant, and summers are hot. There are warm and dry winds, mainly in August.
  7. There are plenty of events to go to in Dallas. One of them is the State Fair of Texas, the Greek Food Festival of Dallas, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Saint Patrick’s Day parade, a Halloween parade, Juneteenth festivities and many more. You can find lots of detailed information about the things to do in Dallas here.
  8. If you are interested in the crime rates, the FIB has published statistics online on their website.
  9. Before moving to Dallas, you can start following the news at the City of Dallas website to keep yourself up to date with the latest information there.

Moving To Dallas Guide

Dallas skyline

Dallas skyline

Whether you need Dallas movers by the hour or for a full moving, it is always a good idea to get a quote in order to find out what your relocation will cost you. If you want to have more precise Dallas moving rates and a price for your move, after getting the online or phone quote from movers ask for an in-home estimate. In this way you will have the opportunity to show the moving company all more special items for moving like breakable items, a piano, a boat, large objects like heavy furniture, etc. and they will be able to give you options for their moving so you can choose what suits you in terms of timing and cost.

If you are moving long distance and from an area with a different climate, you may need to check the local weather forecast. Also, bring clothes that will match the season in Dallas and not the season where you currently live. Choose a moving day carefully. If you are on a low moving budget or you just want to save some money on your relocation, you could consider the time you will move. This means that you may pay up to 20% more for your move in summer because movers are busier then – lots of people choose the warm months for their relocation all over the USA. Should you choose to relocate to Dallas in the winter, during the colder months, consider protecting your floors and carpets from the moist that will come inside during the unloading of the truck or van.

In the meantime plan what you will be packing and will you have storage. In case you will need a storage unit, remember to inform the Dallas moving company when you ask them for a quote. Ask what type of storage is available, what is the cost and what are the conditions for using it. We advice that you inform yourself of the hidden costs of moving companies and that you make it clear with them what services are included in the quote. In case you have questions regarding the moving estimate or you don’t understand something in the moving contract, ask the movers. Do not sign blank papers and do not sign any document before reading it. With these precautions taken you will ensure for yourself a much safer move. With these tips and advice in mind, we wish you a safe journey and a successful move to Dallas.