Move a home in a yearRelocating is a time and money consuming difficult job which could take quite a while to do. In the dynamic world we live in today sometimes moving has to take place within a year. It is a possibility to squeeze all the work to be done in a shorter period of time and be busier while organizing it but make the move faster and get on with your life. Moving house within a year should not be a thought that worries you – take a look at these simple and easy tips which will make your goal happen. They are arranged chronologically so that you can do things that are part of your move logically and orderly.

The Moving Home Within a Year Challenge

  1. Research. This is the beginning of every move – relocating is not something you do on a daily basis to be so well informed that is why start looking for information and planning as soon as you can. Use this moving timeline and take a look at these tips which can help you begin organizing your move.
  2. Look for movers right away. Yes, it is important to do it. Finding the right movers, asking for estimates and comparing, getting yourself informed with the quote take time. Don’t be in a rush here even though you wish to quickly move as your belongings and your money are at stake. You cannot trust every relocation company out there. Get a quote, compare the answers that you get and read the reviews of the companies which you consider hiring. Be careful – be informed how to discern fake reviews from real ones.
  3. Buying or renting your new home? These are two different ways to get your new home with different pros and cons. Usually, when you buy a house or apartment, you have an attorney to assist the process. On the other hand, renting is something that you usually do by yourself. That is why it is good to identify bad landlords before moving in. It will save you lots of trouble afterwards.

    Moving house in a year

    In order to have a smooth and happy move, start organizing your relocation as soon as you take the decision to move. The tips in this article will help you do it more orderly.

  4. Look for your new home. What do you need? Assess what is the best next home for you in terms of location, convenience and costs (both buying/ renting and maintenance). Once you’ve got an idea where you will be going and what sort of home will suit you best, you can start looking at homes and exploring neighborhoods, and continue with planning step 4.
  5. Clean up and declutter. When you know what your next home will be like, you can establish what to take and what to throw away. When moving house in a year you should take what is necessary, plus items of high value or of emotional importance for you. There isn’t much time to pack a large 4 bedroom house if you want to move out in 3 months, for example. Measure the size of furniture and appliances that you have and see what will fit in your new home and where. There is no point in paying to ship your couch just to find out you have no room for it in your living room. So, make a floor plan and take a decision what furniture you will move to your new home.
  6. Getting a job.Once you’ve decided on which city you are moving to, it is time to look for a job in the area. Sometimes finding the right thing for you may take a while. So, when moving home in a year you better also quickly start sending CV’s and making phone calls to look for available positions if you are relocating in a smaller area. If you have a moving to organize and a job, visiting a different city may be difficult so you could organize phone or skype interviews.

    Home relocation in one year

    Moving in a short period of time is not very easy but if you make your best to adapt after you relocate, you will make your transition smoother.

  7. Packing. When moving out of your house within a year packing should also be quickly done. Once you’ve cleaned up your home from all items that won’t be moved, it is time to plan how to pack the rest. Try to estimate how much packing supplies you will need and begin packing. Take some time every day before going to bed, especially if you have a larger home and/ or more things to move. If you are busy, doing it all at once may cost you overexhaustion. Another great option that you have is to contact movers for this job. They are quick, efficient and know well how to protect your belongings during shipping.
  8. Changing address. It is important to notify financial institutions of your move (banks, credit institutions, etc.), plus you have the post as well, collecting records from doctor, dentist, vet, school, etc. Moving out of your home within a year or within a longer period of time cannot happen without this step.
  9. Throw a welcome party. This is a way to get to know your neighbors and new colleagues at work. You can also invite friends, family and colleagues from your ex town and have some fun together. Since your move is a quick change that has taken place, use every opportunity to get to know and adapt to your new environment.

Now you surely know better how to move out within a year. Our last advice to you is to stay organized and plan well the timing and finances. In this way your move will take place not only more easily, but also in the deadline you’ve decided it should. The links we give you in this article provide extra help and advice – simply because there is so much to prepare in a move that it can never be put in just one article. And if you liked the tips here, you can share this article. Thank you!