Moving to a foreign countryMany Americans often need to change their place of living. Either you have a new job or you are being moved to another department of the company in which you’re employed.

Whichever the reason – working, studying, or other, fact is sometimes this change includes moving to a foreign country.

Thinking what to do and where to start when preparing for a cross country move or which is the best time to move, you may consider taking a look at the special 12-step moving to a foreign country guide offered below for you that contains some useful tips. There are ways in which you can make moving a bit more easy. We have tried to sum up the most important things when moving to a foreign country but if you consider that we have omitted something relevant do let us know in the comments below!

Moving to a foreign country – what to do?

What does it take to relocate abroad? Everyone knows moving to another country or state could often be a rather stressful and tenacious experience. Looking forward to the new opportunity ahead in the country you are going to can be less worrisome, thought. There are a few basic foreign country moving tips which could guide you into relieving the stress around this experience. Being organized, making lists of important things and prioritizing will help you put your thoughts in order and concentrate on what’s really important to be done.

Moving to a different country – guiding steps:

Consider which things to do before moving and explore our simple guide:

  1. Check visa regulations. Having the necessary paperwork is first step and the basis of your international moving.
  2. Employment. Very important step is securing a job for yourself. Some companies offer the opportunity of online application while others resort primarily to face to face conversation. Check in advance what you can expect and prepare for it. Look for local employment agencies, ask them what documents you may need in order to apply and have them with you before you pay them a visit. Bear in mind that you may need to prepare some things in advance: depending on your plans for the country in which you want to move you might need to get university diploma copies certified by a notary or have a legalized translation of it. Knowing about those minor details can save you a lot of fuss later on when you plan relocating to a foreign country.

    Foreign country relocation

    It is important to have a place to stay in the foreign country you are relocating to. Think about what your needs are and what can afford – house or apartment, number of rooms, etc.

  3. Find a dwelling. No doubt it is important to find appropriate for you place to stay and have at your disposal in the new country you are moving to, unless of course you are planning to stay with family or friends there. But if the latter is not your case, then you may decide to look for information on the internet and get in touch with local real estate agencies for a house or apartment.
  4. Contact a moving company. Try to find reliable interstate movers, know your moving rights, look for moving insurance options, check how much will movers companies charge you – these are just some of the tips which will guide you. You can make your foreign country moving much simpler and easier by finding a reputable moving company.  You can ask movers experts to estimate your foreign country moving cost by filling in our form free of charge here.
  5. Prepare your budget. Now that you are aware of employment opportunities for your foreign country moving and cost for purchasing a dwelling/ rents, plan ahead what kind of money you will need by making a search about the prices of utilities and essentials. Ideally, you will have figured this out by the time you leave the USA and you will have enough money at your disposal until you start receiving payments from your job in the foreign country you have moved to. In some cases, you may be required to prove the availability of a certain amount in your bank account prior to arriving at your state of destination.
  6. Search for legislation regarding healthcare and retirement. As you are planning foreign country relocation you also need to be prepared to pay your taxes and social security charges so check where you can do that, what are the deadlines and how much it will cost you. Contacting a local accounting company might be useful for this purpose.
  7. Prepare to meet the new environment. Having decided to move to a foreign country, start learning the language or look for opportunities to do this on the spot as soon as possible after your arrival. Even some basic knowledge will be good for you especially if English is not a language that is widely taught in the educational system of the country you are moving to.
  8. Find some books or useful material for the culture you will be joining. Sometimes even things as small as a simple gesture could be very different and have an opposite meaning in the foreign country that you have decided to relocate. Check on travel guides, magazines, online websites, and forums. If you have friends or relatives who have visited the foreign country you are planning to move to, speak with them – this would decrease the culture shock for you later on.
  9. Find local groups/ clubs of the things you love. If you are planning foreign country relocation it is always good to use as a stress reliever and maintain some focus on your hobby or favorite activity – biking, dancing, chess or other – whichever is yours, keep it up.
  10. Search for emergency phone numbers. It is always a rule of thumb to be informed what to do and who to contact in case of an emergency situation. This information would give you some sense of security in the foreign country you wish to move to. You can also take a look at our stress-free moving tips.

    moving country guide

    Focusing on the solutions rather than the problems will advance and smoothen your settling!

  11. Book your plane. Once you’ve decided on the time of your arrival reserve the plane tickets. And again, the sooner – the better, as this will guarantee you a lower price, too.
  12. And always stay positive! Remember: the new country you are moving to may hold for you more opportunities and great experience than you are guessing. You might be surprised so keep your mind open for them and the good results are inevitable!

Is there anything else you find important to include in the list? Let us know what you think in the form below the article!

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