Packing Supplies

Choose the right packing materials

Choosing the right packing supplies is essential step for a successful move.  You need to make sure you have enough moving boxes and moving supplies in order to pack your belongings properly. Your household items should arrive at your new home without a scratch, so do not underestimate the packing process.  It is a quite time consuming and annoying job, but you have to do it precisely. Starting with your packing supplies moving list you need to make sure you have all your belonging secured, especially if you are moving long distance.

First of all, you have to decide if you are packing yourself, or you are using a moving company to do it for you. Every option has its pros and cons. You can start your search for professional movers here.

Where to Buy Moving Supplies

There are many options. Start by checking Craigslist for used moving supplies. There are many people that give away their moving boxes for free. This way you will save money and keep the environment clean by reusing. Another option to get free or cheap moving supplies is to visit the local supermarket and ask for boxes.

See the local Home Deopot and the nearest uHaul store for moving boxes and other moving supplies for your move. You can also buy moving boxes directly from your movers on the moving day. Most reputable moving companies will sell you different sizes of moving supplies directly from the truck. Keep in mind that the price will usually be higher than expected.

Do not forget to prepare a moving supplies list of how many and what size boxes you need. Also calculate the approximate number of tapes you will need to seal these boxes as well as packing paper and shrink wrap needed to secure everything.

Packing Furniture by Yourself

Packing is an area when you can cut your moving costs a lot. Before start packing yourself, ask your mover about the insurance options. Your belongings should be insured. Some long distance moving companies do not validate insurance if you pack your household items yourself. You need to know that in advance so you can plan your moving costs. Usually the packing job can cost more than the move itself.

Once you have decided that you are packing your stuff yourself, here is a list of the most used moving supplies:

  • Moving boxes

Most of your belongings are usually packed in boxes. You can find a great variety of sizes – small, medium and large. Bear in mind that the boxes shouldn’t be much heavy, otherwise you may injure yourself. Use wardrobe boxes for all your formal clothing, or clothes you don’t want to get wrinkled.

  • Sealing Tape

In order to seal your boxes you will need a lot of tape. Find an appropriate sealing tape and seal the boxes very carefully. If you are moving long distance, be sure that everything is sealed well. You better use more tape as an extra measure.

  • Protective packing supplies

There is a range of protective packing supplies on the market. Make sure that you have enough protecting supplies  such as furniture pads, bubble wrapping, foam cushions, covers and bags. All this will help you to secure your fragile household items.

  • Permanent Box Marker

Box marker may not seem you as an essential packing supply, but it is very important. Labeling all your  boxes will make the unpacking process much more stress free. You don’t have to  remember where you have put every single item. Write descriptive labels and save time and troubles.

Hiring a professional mover to pack your stuff

If you have a lot of expensive and valuable items such as electronics and antiques, then you better hire an experienced mover. Find a moving company which will be able to handle such items, especially if you are preparing for a long distance move. Beware that valuables like antiques need a  custom-sized crates or even climate-controlled storage units in cases of  extreme weather drop. Moreover, a professional moving company can offer you the latest packing supplies and techniques for a smooth moving.

I hope you like our moving supplies tips and I’ve successfully answered your question “What moving supplies do I need?”. We wish you happy packing.