how to check movers licenseWhen selecting a reputable moving company, a very important step of the profess is to check movers license numbers online. The moving company license verification will assure you that you are dealing with a licensed and insured moving company that is allowed to operate within the USA.

But how to be sure. There are so many moving companies claiming to be “fully licensed and insured”. Some of them even have some license numbers listed on their web pages. All of this doesn’t mean anything until you check that for yourself and do a moving companies license lookup.

What is a Movers License Number

All moving companies that operate in the USA should be licensed with the United States Department of Transportation. There are different requirements for a moving company to become licensed depending on the state of operation. All licensed moving companies are provided with an unique movers license number called US DOT number. Movers license numbers are being renewed on a yearly basis that is why checking the validity of the number is very important. If a moving company does not comply with the laws or if they do regular accidents, their licenses are being revoked. Read more about the DOT numbers here.

Movers License Verification

Verify DOT Number

Movers license lookup

All moving trucks sould have the company moving license written on the front doors of the truck or the tracktor.

Everyone can perform a moving company license look-up in the US Department of Transportation database for free and verify a DOT number fast and easy. Checking the moving company license information will also pull out some more information about the company record like: US Inspection results for the last 24 months, reported crashes safety ratings, etc.

Click here to verify a mover from the database.

Complete Moving Company License Information

To see the company DOT record about the company size, there is another place you can check your moving company at. There, you can search your preferred moving company by DOT number, by name or by MC number. There you can pull up information as: company type, fleet size, number of trucks and trailers. You can also extract the moving company insurance information if you need to contact their insurance company.

Detailed DOT information site.

The DOT Requirements

This element consists of eight combed blocks and it is used to record the United States Department of Transportation number (USDOT#). All motor carriers operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce must be assigned & display a USDOT Number before interstate operations begin. This includes all interstate private, exempt, for hire and passenger motor carriers.
At least one of these numbers: ICC, PUC, or USDOT; is required in order to identify a commercial vehicle.

Licensed Movers Reviews

Even if your moving company is with a positive moving company license verification, you should still research your service provider further. Having a valid license is just one step of approving a company to entrust your precious belongings with. Reading licensed movers reviews is another thing you should consider. Being aware what other people have shared about their moving experience with the company is very important. Keep in mind that some review websites like My Moving Reviews provide license information for companies along with customer reviews.

No matter if you are about to move locally or long distance, hiring licensed movers is essential for your successful move.

Do you know another way to research your movers before hiring? Let us know in the comments below.