Hiring moving laborWhy is hiring moving labor for your home or office relocation an advantage? There are many reasons for that. To begin with, doing the loading and unloading on moving day is tiring and exhausting, plus if you don’t have enough experience it could be dangerous for your health. Using quality moving labor is a must – of course you cannot trust your belongings to be held by nonprofessionals! It is important for you to find not just affordable, but also experienced moving crew members for an easy and successful house or apartment relocation. Here you will read about how to locate a quality moving crew, what will it cost you, what are the risks and what to beware of – pretty much all you need to know!

How to Hire Quality Moving Labor

You can hire moving labor for moving your home (loading/ unloading stuff from a truck, van, storage unit, trailer, etc.), rearranging the furniture, having some heavy or bulky items taken to or from your basement or attic, getting help with your washer and dryer connections, receiving assistance for furniture assembly (which needs it like queen beds), etc. For every relocation you can of course combine hiring moving labor with the other services that moving companies usually offer like packing, hiring a truck and/ or a driver, etc. but if you only need a moving crew, there are a few things to know.

  • Hiring moving help means only getting strong men to lift things. You are the one who has to provide everything else: packing materials, moving equipment, moving vehicles and the moving drivers for them.
  • What do you need to look for? Moving labor has to be not just professionally trained, but also licensed and insured. So research the companies offering such services, or you can simply ask for a cost estimate (it should be free).
  • Take some time to locate the right moving labor helpers for you. Besides, the sooner you book them, the lower the price (hiring a moving crew in the last minute could cost you extra). If you call in the last minute you could be asked to pay an extra charge of $20for example.

    Moving boxes

    If you wish to hire only moving labor, they will do the heavy lifting, but you have to take care of everything else - the packing supplies, moving equipment, trucks and drivers.

  • When does the moving company work? Some moving crews work on weekends only if you contact them in advance, and again, for an extra charge of $20. During peak moving times the price for hiring moving men could decrease with up to 50%.
  • For a big move, some moving companies offer a full day charge which will come cheaper for you than hourly rates. How much more will you be charged if the moving men have to work more than 8 hours?
  • Take the extra step in your search. There are moving companies that recycle or use packing supplies out of recycled materials to help preserve the environment and if you go for them you will make your step in this direction too!
  • Make sure you are aware of the damaged or lost items policy of the company. What happens if the moving crew breaks something or loses an item/ a box? There are companies which will reimburse you only if the movers drop something on the floor so be clear in this issue before signing a contract.
  • Always get an insurance. The standard valuation covers up to $0.60 per pound and may not be applied to all items that you have (that may include furniture made out of pressed-board, for example). You can get extra coverage by asking for extra insurance. It would be worth it, if the items you are moving are of high value.
  • Check your home or rental insurance – many of them cover the transportation of furniture, appliances and other personal belongings via a moving truck.
  • Is it a Better Business Bureau company? If it is, that means that it is ready to take that extra step on ensuring its work is up to higher standards that can provide better service to its customers.

    Cheap moving labor costs

    Hiring 2 moving men for a minimum of 4 hours work will cost you approximately between $250 and $350.

  • What are the moving labor rates? Most companies have a minimum time for which you can hire a moving crew. The cost for hiring 2 men for a minimum of 4 hours is about $250 to $350, and every extra hour comes at a price of about $55. Some items that are very heavy may require a 3d man, though. So be clear on what you will be moving and communicate it to your movers (they will consult you on this one).
  • Be careful if the company accepts only cash. That could be a sign of a moving scam.
  • Is there a cancellation fee? Some companies will charge you a small fee of around $50 – $60 if you cancel your appointment with the moving crew or, again $20 if you change the moving date in the last minute.
  • Are there any extra costs you can expect to make like charges for flights of stairs, travel charge (usually applies if you ask for a moving crew further than 15 to 20 miles away from the area of service), changing the moving date, moving equipment, etc?

With this information you will surely be able to make the right choice of moving labor and organize successfully your relocation. Just remember, that there are also full moving options that will provide you with everything else that a moving crew won’t. Whichever you chose, we wish you good luck with your relocation! And after the move, we’d be happy to hear your moving story!