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9 Responses to “How to Find Cheap Movers in 7 Simple Steps”

  1. Carolyn, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK says:

    I like that you pointed out that the company must still be reliable, not just cheap. Sometimes cheap is not always best. Cheap could just be cheap so it’s important to thoroughly research a couple different moving companies before booking a move. Check them out on BBB, Yelp, and Angie’s List, and ask friends, realtors or property managers who they would recommend.

  2. mutari mobila says:

    in my opinion the most important thing in a moving company is not the price, is the quality and professionalism that they have.

  3. zarik says:

    the thing is there are few ways to check if this particular company you try to choose cheap as well as reliable – check their reviews and the best one call and ask for referrals – there is nothing wrong if you call couple givven phone # and ask people of their experience with this company.

  4. Sylvia, Metro Moving Company says:

    to be honest i really don’t agree to the idea that price and quality can have positive relationship. So i think its a myth to find a reliable mover who is also cheap.

    but i liked the content shared here. probably next time when i decide to move ill keep these ideas in my to do list.

  5. Executive Moving and storage says:

    Totally agree, customers should ask for a moving companies quotes.

  6. Kathleen Ronholt says:

    I used Staving Students moving company. The movers were not students but very fast.

    One of the two broke the leg off my $900 highboy and then when they unloaded it put it in the back of a storage unit.

    By the time I emptied the storage unit it had been over a year.

    I will never use Starving Students again. I recommend caution when considering the cost of moving your valuables.

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