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30 Responses to “13 Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving House”

  1. Emma Madison says:

    Hi there Pamela,
    I liked your post and I could not agree more that for a cheap moving you have to leave something you do not need. As a mover I often advice exactly that my customers! Thanks for the info you provide.

    Regards Emma

  2. Carolyn, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK says:

    While searching for a cheap moving company, be sure to ask the right questions. A mover who may appear cheaper based on an hourly rate may actually cost an arm and a leg in the end if they add on extra charges such as double drive time, fuel charges, charges for stairs, or even for worker’s comp. Ask what other charges apply to your move before selecting a company.

  3. Mike Scott says:

    Great job Pamela. I recall chatting with you briefly about posting to this blog myself but it looks like your doing a great job providing great moving tips. 🙂

  4. Jet Moving Systems INC says:

    It’s a fact that moving houses, isn’t just about physical activity from one town, city or even region to another. Moving is a psychological decision that delivers with it both emotions of enjoyment, appreciation for the past and a certain indisputable sense of loss. What you need, therefore, is a professional who can stand by you and help convenience the conversion from one house to another.

  5. John Russel says:

    The ideas which you post is really useful to move cheaply but not a huge, we can reduce small amount.but the ideas are really great.
    it is important to choose a good professional mover for safe moving.

  6. George says:

    George at Eastern Connection Movers Says:

    When moving your home it is never a good idea to go with the cheapest moving company because in all cases they are not properly equipped-wrong truck for moving,have day labor instead of employees,and are most certainly not insured and do not know the art of moving your precious stuff. Moving requires more then just trained men- rug runners to be placed on floor and of course shrink wrap to be used for your bedding for that air tight seal. Good suggestions: ask to see one of their moving trucks is its a freight truck run away. If the floors and environment in the truck is not spotless then run away. If they do not not have verifiable references run away. Make sure they are insured. By getting an insured and mover with the right equipment and verifiable references your move with get off to a great start.

  7. Dawid, Fortis przeprowadzki says:

    Awesome post, it seems somewhat obvious but this is really great landing page advice. I think a lot of it gets overlooked far too often.

  8. Starving Students Movers says:

    Make any important travel reservations. Some moves require one or more overnight stays in a hotel. If this applies to your relocation, make the reservations now and do not wait. This is especially important if you need to find a pet-friendly hotel; not all accommodations will take Fifi or Fido. Likewise, if you or any of your family members are planning to travel by bus, plane, or train to move then make those reservations right away.

  9. Packers Movers Ahmedabad says:

    Thanks for the information on relocation. I am new to the area and had not seen this type of wasp nest. There is a beautiful nest in my garage that reminds me of summer camp pottery class. This looks better than any of my pots ever did 🙂
    I was going to go look into pest control, but I will give the mint oil a try. I do love aromatherapy, though I never thought of using it as repellant. I and the wasp community thank you.

  10. starving students movers says:

    its really a great news for any and also be a great suggestion too. but most of the many internet moving company are really can not satisfied their customer.

  11. chris says:

    When you are going for cheap, you need to be careful, not only are there hidden extra charges but often you pay for what you get. To save money but keep your stuff safe it helps to take care of the packing, and pack your stuff well. Also the less time the movers have to work for you the cheaper, so any furniture that needs to be disassembled, removing light bulbs from lamps, and unhooking all your electronics and appliances will save you more money then a cheap mover would any day.

  12. Brandon says:

    I am totally impressed that you have taken the time to write and maintain such a helpful blog about moving and using commercial movers. As a guy about to move his entire family across country I will take all of the help I can get! 🙂

  13. las vegas moving company says:

    When planning about moving from one place to another hiring a good relocation Company is important. And if the moving company is giving services at cheap prices then it’s good and beneficial. You really discussed good cheap moving tips.

  14. Boxcart Movers in DC says:

    These are great tips! I am (rather ironically) relocating to Northern Virginia for my new job, and one of my clients is a moving company. I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking into their services and also doing what I can to reduce how much stuff I move. It always feels good to declutter, anyway!

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you are interested in moving cheap you can take a look at this website. It has ideas on how to save money when moving, how to get free packing materials like boxes and bubble wrap, how to find a low cost mover, etc.
    Good luck with your moving!
    Best regards,

  16. Said says:

    Hi Pamela,

    Nice post! I guess the most important point you made is how to find cheap moving companies and moving estimates details. I am sure every one who is on the verge of relocate to another city will find this post helpful. Thanks

  17. Bonnie says:

    Having moved as an adult around 16 times (and I do mean households, not apartments)….I know a bit about cutting corners and time. I’ve used blankets, throws, coverlets, etc. for wrapping my paintings and artwork for a long time. But what I liked was the suggestion to use the existing furniture to pack things in. I’m using movers this time, packing pretty much alone, and just moving a neighborhood away…so moving day I’ll be good to go and spend little money on packing supplies; using my trunks, chest of drawers and small cupboard to pack unbreakables in will save me time and space. So efficient. Thank you for the tip.

  18. andrew says:

    If you want to save money on your move do the following:
    Pack everything yourself ( buy boxes in Lowes, Homedepo)
    Take apart your bulky furniture ( tables, beds and etc)
    Try to minimize number of boxes.
    Look for local movers. Local movers will cost you less money.

  19. Envel says:

    Moving can be cheaper with these great removal tips and ideas. They are efficient, time saving and easy. This is very helpful of you.

  20. Erika says:

    For me, the most important part of preparing to move is getting out all of the clutter! Take the time to really go through and decide if you should keep items — too often people go through the packing process on “auto-pilot,” just stuffing it all in boxes! Moving to a new home is much simpler when you are hauling less stuff!

    Great tips, thanks for posting!


  21. Affordable Moving Company in Brisbane says:

    The Ideas which you have provided to make the Moving affordable are beneficial for those persons who cannot spend more money for moving Services.

  22. Moving Boxes says:

    Before you start packing your possessions, make a simple inventory system. For every box you pack, place a number on the box and record the contents of that box on a Packing List. Keep your labels, marking pens, tape, and other moving boxes and supplies in a single place (we like to call it Packing Central). If you put your list down, make sure you only put it down in Packing Central so you don’t lose it. Make sure that you are specific when writing down the contents of your boxes.

  23. Moving Boxes says:

    Before you start packing your possessions, make a simple inventory system. For every box you pack, place a number on the box and record the contents of that box on a Packing List. Keep your labels, marking pens, tape, and other moving boxes and supplies in a single place (we like to call it Packing Central). If you put your list down, make sure you only put it down in Packing Central so you don’t lose it. Make sure that you are specific when writing down the contents of your boxes.

  24. Johnathon Johnson says:

    Hey Pamela,

    Really thorough blog!I noticed the first thing you mentioned was deciding on what to move. I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime and through the years I’ve realized how prioritizing what you need before the move can save you hours of work and money!

  25. Johnathon Johnson says:

    Hey Pamela,

    I really enjoyed the blog. I agree with what you said about first deciding what you want move. Organizing your belongings and getting rid of junk, donating undesired items can save time and money with any move.

  26. Caleb Rice says:

    Wow. So everything you do in life should be cheap according to this guy. Does quality not matter? When I move my lifetime collection of items and memories I don't want cheap I want quality.

  27. Ben Wilson says:

    Great tips. Next month i`ll move into new accommodation, these tips will save me a lot of efforts. Thank you for sharing!

  28. Tara Chila says:

    Cheap isn’t always best, especially when moving your household full of important items. Transit Systems is a long distance moving and shipping company that specializes in small moves. We can tell you that if you there are times of the year that are better to move, if possible, such as the winter, now! Many companies will offer deals in the winter when they are not as busy. There are also companies, such as Transit Systems, that offer economy shipping, which for us, means you help the driver load the boxes on the truck. This will save you money. There are additional fees for things such as steps, narrow streets, etc. Make sure you ask and read the terms and conditions – it is very important. The company may not tell you because it doesn’t help them make the sale, but they aren’t running a scam, rather they put it in the paperwork and ask that you read it, so do it! Read the fine print! It will definitely save you money in the end.

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