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31 Responses to “How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers?”

  1. John says:

    Hiring movers is never easy, especially if it is your first time doing that. Make sure that you do your research on any company that you are considering. You’ll want to make sure they are licensed and bonded, as well as check with the Better Business Bureau. There are lots of scammers out there and there are quite a few good ones there. Research and planning are the key here.

  2. My Move says:

    I think the best answer to this question is truly “it depends”. The best thing to do is talk to friends and family who have recently moved, and get quotes from a few different moving companies.

  3. Oliver says:

    Wow, I’m not sure where those rates came from, but that’s not the norm. I agree, most moving companies charge more than they should, but $85 for two men & a truck is incorrect also.

    I own a moving company and we too dislike the higher rates that most charge, which is why we only charge $45 Per hour with a $35 Service fee.

    We pride ourselves on being the lowest cost mover in town and we also guarantee our rates and will beat competitors rates if they offer a lower cost in writting.

  4. Hansens says:

    You can save a nice chunk of money, by renting a moving truck and hiring movers for labor. Labor only services usually cost half the price of a full service move. If moving locally you can use one company to do the loading and unloading. Moving out of state, you can use one company to load and another to unload at your new location. There are many places online to find companies offering labor services, such as,, and to name a few.

    Hansen’s Helping Hands
    Bellingham, WA

  5. Paul says:

    The BBB is the best source to find a reputable mover in your area.

  6. Ari from The San Francisco movers says:

    I don’t recommend renting a moving truck and hiring local labor. It takes experience and skills to make a move flawlessly without any broken or scratched items. If you want your stuff to be in the same condition you had it in, hire professional movers.

  7. inters says:

    Besides the issue of type of move, cost is a deriative of value. Professional movers tend to ask for more than a small local unknown company.

  8. brandy says:

    We are looking for movers to move our stuff around 3 miles…we have a 2 bed room apt…we live in aurora,il

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Brandy, thank you for your question. You can find a list with moving companies from Illinois here. These movers are functioning, licensed and you can also read reviews about them in order to find the best one for you. Good luck with your moving!

  10. Eva Cyrus says:

    The cost for hiring movers is going to deepened on the amount of bedrooms you are moving from one place to another, movers base their prices on the bedrooms because that will determine the manpower and time frame, movers most often give you a by hour quote.

  11. zarik says:

    The cost of interstate move is calculated and vary by 3 major options: 1. by the pound – regardless the milage and you only take part of one whola big truck load; 2. by the millage – regardless how many pounds as you take the entire truck load; 3. by the cubic foot – also you share the big truck with other moved people and only pay your part depending on how many cubic feet you took in this truck.

  12. A1AutoTransport says:

    Great article, very thorough. This article definitely shows how finding movers isn’t as easy of a task that one would think!

  13. Kingston Removals Firm says:

    It depends how far you want to move and which company you want to hire. Some companies are giving quality services at affordable price.

  14. Soma says:

    Very well written post.
    I have been working with moving companies since long and in my opinion, cost of moving depends on lots of variable factors like distance, volume of goods, season (specially in india) and finally the urgency.


  15. U-Save Moving and Storage says:

    A well written and insightful article. But what about the movers that charge by volume vs weight and miles? Many us in the industry wouldn’t even suggest it as an option, but there are companies that charge like this.

  16. James Harrison says:

    Moving cost really depends on scale,size,and complexity of your move. Rest it depends on type of move,as corporate moves generally cost more than residential moves as these moves are more complex in nature.

  17. Tara says:

    When choosing an interstate mover, is it best to choose someone in the state you live or the state you are moving from?

  18. Christine says:

    It is probably cheaper then you think to hire a moving company. A few things to consider when trying to move yourself.
    The cost of the rental truck (i.e. rental fees, insurance, gas and mileage.
    Moving the furniture properly without damage.
    Padding and protecting the furniture.
    Finding good help.
    And getting it all done in a timely manner.
    Those are only a few things on a very very long stressful list.

  19. Deep says:

    Very well written post and I would like to add Indian perspective to it. Here, usually Moving companies don’t quote based on hrs spent. For both local and long distance or domestic shifting, they usually survey your goods and give you estimates that are very much negotiable. There is no standard pricing structure which at times leads to more costs for consumers. So it’s better to evaluate a few movers and packers before taking a call.

  20. Leslie Allison says:

    How much will it cost me to move Des Moines Iowa from Tulsa Ok

  21. Katie says:

    The cost of hiring movers can get expensive quickly. In some cases it best to rent a Uhaul and make the move yourself. If you can’t fit everything in your new home you can always get an extra storage unit.

  22. Sonya Davis says:

    I'm a disabled veteran and am looking to hire "muscle" only to unload my storage unit onto a moving truck for me…do you guys do this??? I don't need a truck or a driver…The unit is a 10 20 the truck is 20 ft…corner of Fairfield & why 98 can you give me a quote? ??

  23. Christos Moving says:

    How much does it cost to move your home? You’re looking typically at a cost around 800-1000 dollars depending on amount of items and distance. It definitely isn’t the cheapest option but the benefits outweigh the costs on this one.

  24. Rhonda couillard says:

    How much would it cost to move from lansing Michigan to Stanwood Michigan

  25. Lydia Howard says:

    I found that it comes out much cheaper, than to lend this alone or with friends. It saves a lot of time and troubles.

  26. Chad Goodwin says:

    What is the cost to move my stuff from a 5×10 storage to a duplex in same town.

  27. Tyler Bond says:

    People sometimes get nervous about hiring a moving company, and then being goaded into paying more money. I think when you do your research properly, you'll find that many companies are actually quite reliable, and worth the costs they quote. I've never had any problems, and have never had to pay more than I was originally told I would have to.

  28. Bennett Fischer says:

    I noticed you said that the cost of hiring professional movers is around $85-$95/hour. I'm really glad I was able to find this because I'm looking to move soon, and I want to make sure I find someone who can help me. Now that I know the price though, I'll hire someone and just be sure the job gets done pretty fast. Thanks for the help.

  29. Cal Driver says:

    Thanks for breaking down the costs for hiring movers. Hopefully I can find a great moving company that won't be too expensive. I really don't want to have to move myself.

  30. Bucks County Painters says:

    This is a great post and thanks for sharing. It's definately worth picking up the phone and calling serveral moving companies for quotes. Definately let the movers know before hand if you have big bulky items that need to be moved like pianos or pool tables so that they can be prepaired and give you an accurate cost estimate.

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