Pack for moving listPacking is probably one of the most time consuming tasks during relocation. But what things to pack when moving out? This is a question that everyone moving are wondering about. Everyone. How can you not wonder whether to take heirloom or special gifts from friends and family… What to pack when moving out locally or across the country may take quite some time and effort if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, you have our list which will explain to you everything you need to know. Plus, you will find bellow a list with what to pack when moving out – it will assist you a lot.

What not to pack

  • Sort items. Amongst all things you have in your house or apartment – garage, attic, living room, etc. you have to figure out the destiny of each item.
  • Things to throw away. This may be probably the easiest to do. You don’t have to move with you items that are worn out, broken, damaged or just out of fashion. Put it all in the garbage! The more things to pack when moving out, the higher your moving costs!
  • Items you don’t know what to do with. This is where the difficult task is. Every home is full of so much stuff that holds no particular function and just collects dust from the shelves. If you have items that are of emotional value to you or are expensive, keep them. If you have things that hold no or little value for you, donate them or sell them.
  • What to sell? Surely you have household goods that are in a good condition but you don’t need them or want them. You can organize a moving sale, uplod things for sale at websites like ebay or craigslist, etc.
  • Whatever you don’t or won’t sell, you can give way to neighbors, friends, family, colleagues.
  • Valuables, documents, money – don’t pack them and don’t give them to the moving company; take them with you on your move. Bank statements, contracts, laptop, credit cards, jewels, currency – these are all things you should protect well all the time, including when moving.
  • There are also items, forbidden to packand give to the relocation company like perishables, explosives, weapons, ammunitions, etc.

    Things to pack when moving out

    What are the things to pack when moving? Remember not to pack items forbidden by movers!

What to pack when moving list

  1. Go to every room separately and sort out the things not to pack – kitchen, basement, garage, etc. Once the rooms at your home have fewer items in, there’s going to be much less packing and less money to pay for your move as well.
  2. Spot the things that are fragile – they will need special care. If you have antiques, art, paintings and other precious objects, they’ll need special care. The best option would be to hire movers. Professionals will usually suggest crates – these are wooden boxes, specifically designed for the item they will hold in. The crates are made according to the type and size of the item that they will pack.
  3. Take special care of electronics as they are very valuable. Electronics like computer, printer, kitchen appliances, TV, DVD, etc. need to be packed according to the manufacturer’s manual. When planning what to pack when moving, listing those is important because there may be special requirements for their packing.
  4. Another special item in your house or apartment would be the queen/ king size bed and mattress. They are difficult to handle for a move because they are large, bulky and awkwardly shaped. That is another one of your household items that need to be moved best and most efficiently with a moving company.
  5. Furniture can also be tricky. There are some pieces that are large and/ or heavy, and cannot be moved in any other way but dismantled. Sometimes people move without furniture but this is more like an exception from the rule. Do you know how to disassemble and reassemble furniture? If you are not sure or you don’t do it properly, you may cause damages.
  6. Items that hold value for you and are emotionally important – pack them and protect them. Sometimes being sentimental is ok. Little souvenirs and pictures in frames could mean a lot. Just remember to ensure that you pack them right – using the appropriate packing supplies for every item.

Our list of what to pack when moving out would not be complete without mentioning that you should have a plan as to who will pack your home items. The best option for the success of your move would be to count on a professional and reliable relocation firm. As you can see, plenty of the things in your home for packing need special care and not knowing how to pack them may cause them damages. That is why get free moving quotes and compare the responses you get from movers. With a professional mover, your relocation is much more likely to end troublelessly.