Rent a Moving Truck or let the Full Service Movers do the job?

To rent a moving truck or to hire full service movers? Depending on the situation both are a good option. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You should do your homework in advance. Take time, research the both options and then male a reasonable decision. You should also research both cases very careful. When it comes to your whole household items you  have to be cautious.

Truck rental and self moving

The money you are going to spend on moving truck rental and additional equipment like dollies (hand trucks), blankets and additional moving equipment could cost you about the same as hiring a professional company to handle your full service move. Do not forget the expensive insurance you pay on your truck rental. If you have heavy furniture to handle and obstacles such as stairs or expensive delicate items to transport you should be very careful while doing the job by yourself, or with the help of your friends. Another vital factor of the safe transportation is loading the moving truck properly. If you are not sure how to do it so your household items arrive intact, you should consider hiring professionals. Finally you will have to drive the miles yourself on the moving truck and unload the truck alone at the destination address. Make the calculation in advance and compare the price with the professional movers quote.

Hiring Professional Full Service Movers

Xpress Movers are full service movers that provide free moving quotes

Xpress Movers are full service movers that provide free moving quotes

If we are talking about value, you should consider hiring professional full service movers because you could receive more for your money. If you chose to go with the full service movers you will have your furniture and household goods professionally packed and loaded in the moving truck at the same moving rate. You will not have to worry about the stairs and the heavy items. Usually the full service movers complete the move faster and safer because they are experienced and bring their own equipment that saves time at no additional cost – dollies, straps, moving trucks with ramps and multiple entrances. In addition most movers offer moving boxes, mattress covers, shrink wrap and tape at the moving location so you can use them if you need them.

Making a Choice

Make sure to check the moving truck rental final prices and additional expenses (with all the taxes, fees, mile charges, gas prices, tolls, additional equipment, packing materials, and insurances included) and compare with the free moving quote from the full service movers. That way you can easily decide which is most cost effective in your case. Gather all the needed information and make a reasonable choice. Take enough time to consider fully both options.