Drive safely in the winterDriving in adverse weather may not only be dangerous and frightening but may also lead to accidents. In order to keep yourself and the rest of the drivers on the road safe you should be aware of how to drive during winter. Much more unpleasant things happen on the road in the winter rather than during the summer months. These important tips for safe driving in the winter will assure that you will take off and arrive at your point of destination safe and sound. Here’s what you need to know about safety driving in winter conditions.

Driving in Winter Tips

  1. Watch the weather reports. If a bad weather is expected postpone your trip or hire an auto mover. Let someone close know where you will be going and keep contact over the phone.
  2. Get your car ready. Check the fluids, the tyres, make sure that your car is functioning well and clean it up from the snow and ice for a good visibility. If it hasn’t been on the road for a while it would be good to have a mechanic look at at it.
  3. Get yourself ready for the road. The tips for safe driving in the winter that you need to observe for yourself are to get dressed appropriately and take a good break before taking off. Don’t drive if you are sleepy or you feel fatigue.
  4. Be prepared. When it comes to how to drive during winter you should be ready for a bad weather. Supply yourself with a blanket or a sleeping bag, sand, a shovel, ice scraper, a tow rope or a chain, a hat, gloves, take a flashlight, match, a candle, cell phone charger, medications, some food that is nutritious and gives energy like chocolate, energy bars, raisins or other dry fruits, bring water and if you are traveling with your family – some games for everyone to play, CD’s with music to listen to in the car. They will help you keep the cheer up when driving in winter weather conditions.

    Drive across the US in winter

    Get your car ready for the road - check the tyres, the liquids and remove all ice and snow from the windows before take off.

  5. Be careful on the road. When driving in winter weather conditions speeding is absolutely to be avoided. Keep a larger than usual distance between you and the other vehicles on the road. Because of the weather conditions it will take all vehicles a longer time to stop. Don’t overtake unless you have a very good visibility. If the visibility is insufficient, turn on the headlights. Accelerate, slow down and stop gradually. Sharp changes in speed may make your car slip on the road. This is how to drive during winter if you want to put safety first.
  6. Pay attention. For a safety driving in winter conditions keep both of your hands on the steering wheel and don’t use cruise control. Follow the driving in winter tips to keep your eyes on the road, don’t get distracted and be ready to slow down at any minute that an unexpected circumstance might appear. Also listen to the radio to stay on track with what weather is expected in the area you will be visiting and are there any roads closed. It will help you plan your traveling route.
  7. Take breaks when necessary. If you get tired when driving in winter weather conditions better pull over and take a nap. If it is a cross country tripdon’t exert yourself, you can take short breaks to stretch your legs and take a breath of fresh air. It will help you stay alert for a safety driving in winter conditions. In case bad road conditions make you stop, stay in the car to preserve your heat.

    How to drive during winter

    Pay attention to the road.

  8. In cases of emergency. Even when you know how to drive during winter and you are being very careful not all circumstances can be predicted as unexpected things happen or another driver may not be careful. In the situation of an emergency call 911 and see if there is anyone else injured. This is why you should keep an emergency cark it in your car when you drive across the US in winter. If you need to leave the car on a busier road use the door away from the traffic to get out. Try to keep yourself dry if it is raining or snowing because humidity can cause loss of body temperature. Keep your hands, arms and feet moving for a good circulation. If you want to keep warm still open the window sightly once in a while so that the exhaust fumes can leave – they are dangerous to breathe in.

More Tips for Safe Driving in the Winter

When driving in winter weather conditions before you hit the road make sure that you are ready and all of the points above have been observed. The driving in winter tips we gave you are all about your safety. When driving across the US in winter for a better preparation you can take a look at this interesting short video: