Finding reliable movers

Finding reliable movers

There is nothing more stressful than moving interstate state to state. Having your entire family relocated long distance takes a lot of effort and time, and this is just the beginning. Taking your household into a completely new society and getting used to the new surrounding is something you need to deal in the long term.

Having your state to state move performed as smooth as possible is your main objective. Here is a quick guide how to select a reputable state to state moving company.

Research your movers online

Always research the movers online and read reviews. Internet is a great place for searching  information. Nowadays, there are many online service websites for customer complaints and information resources. Starting with U.S  Department of Transportation website and finishing with the variety of   moving services blogs and forums. Find as many information as you can about your future mover. Do not forget to check also the Better Business Bureau.

Get your moving estimate

If you have found a moving company you think is a reputable one, request a moving estimate from this company. Choose at least three relocating companies to compare the prices. Be cautious because many cheap movers provide very low moving quotes just to book the move, and at the delivery day they have completely different balance in your invoice. Reputable movers don’t do that and they provide the real costs upfront. Keep that in mind when selecting your movers.

Read your moving contract before signing

Always read the contract (Bill of Ladding) before signing. It is very important to understand what are you signing on. Do not sign blank papers as you cannot control the contents of the document. Having the moving services performed just the way you want depend on the documents you have signed and agreed prior your move.

Our Recommendation – Ask your questions

Ask questions about every single detail about your move. If you feel you have doubts about any of the contract clauses,  ask the moving company consultant to explain you in details. You should know prior all the details about the whole moving process.