Organizing a oving saleAs the moving day is approaching and you are in the process or organizing a moving one great way to reduce your costs and the volume of your work is by organizing a moving sale. It will not just decrease the price for your moving significantly but it will also save you time when the moving approaches. And on moving day you will have less to load on to the truck. How to hold a moving sale? In this guide you will find a few tips that will make the process fast, fun and easy. In this way your moving will become cheaper and easier.

Before Holding a Moving Sale – Organize

First of all you need to decide what you want to move to your next home and what you want to leave behind. Go to every room in your home and explore the wardrobes, drawers, shelves – everywhere. Do not forget the basement and attic as well. You need to set aside the things that won’t be transported and afterwards what follows is their distribution.

Some of the things are worn out, used up, broken or just useless and they are the ones to go to the garbage. If some of these are appropriate for recycling go green and take them to a recycle center near you. Of course, throwing away things doesn’t mean leaving things that you like or that carry an emotional value to you. Either way, you will definitely have to deal with sentimentality – you are surely attached to the things you have at your home and now is the time to sey goodbye to some of them. What you want to move and what you are leaving behind is solely up to you.

Moving sale boxes

Collect the boxes that are not used at your home and collect some bags as well for the moving sale.

Next in the things to set aside are what is going to be donated – you can bring things to the Salvation Army or other non-government organizations in your area. Also remember your friends and relatives – if you have items that are in a comparatively good condition you can just give them away. Surely someone may be able to use a newly bought bed or cupboard – especially if you are downsizing or moving on a longer distance these tips can save you a lot of money.

Such a clean up will also set free the boxes in your home that you have been using. Going through your house inventory will also bring out in the light empty boxes you are not using but you are keeping like boxes from toys or electronics. Collect the boxes. You can bring them to the moving sale and use them. At the same time save bags and boxes until moving sale day to make shopping easier for your customers.

Easy Moving Sale Tips

  • At this point you are left with things that are in a good condition and you are wishing to sell. Now is the moment to organize your garage or yard sale. Distribute your belongings in piles depending on their type – cloths on one side, shoes on another, electronics, books, appliances, used furniture, etc.

    Authority retrictions

    Check with the local authorities if there are any restrictions or if you need to have a permit for your moving sale before organizing it.

  • Before announcing officially what you are planning check with the local authorities about restrictions, permits or taxes that apply when organizing a moving sale.
  • After that advertise your moving sale. Before setting a date keep in mind that you will need a few weeks for the preparation. Then go to local websites and publish announcements in the local newspapers and online. In the advertisement write the day, time, place of the moving sale and where is parking going to be available.
  • In the meantime set prices for the things. Make a list with everything for sale with the price next to it. That will make your organization easier.
  • Consider the availability of a parking nearby. Where can everyone park? Prepare for that – is there an available parking nearby the location of your moving sale? Announce that in the advertisement you have prepared for the moving sale.
  • Also why not include the kids in the organization? It will be a fun and at the same time learning experience for them. They can put the labels with prices to the things for sale, for example.
  • Be ready to make a deal – may be the people who come to your moving sale will be willing to negotiate the prices with you.
  • Do you want to have more fun when holding a moving sale? Share the event with a neighbor or check in the newspaper if there is another moving sale any time soon and join it. In that way you can help each other and share the costs and experience!

If you still have things left after the sale you can put them online. A great place for that is craigslits: you just state what you want to get rid of and people get back to you. Then you arrange with them a time appropriate for both of you and they can come and pick the things up. If you want to make some more money additionally besides from organizing a moving sale you can sell some things at ebay.

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