Office relocation - tips & guidelinesMoving your office is a task that means a lot of little details to arrange – even more than when moving a household. The reason is that along with the usually enormous size of the physical moving itself you need to take care of the relocation of your business. This means a lot of administrative issues to be solved especially if you are going to another state like changing your address, informing your clients in time, etc. This article will give you a few tips and guidelines meant to help you with your office relocation project plan.


Start thinking about packing and all the other details of your office relocation as soon as you know you are moving – preferably a few months beforehand in order to manage in time. Make an office moving project plan and stick with it. In this plan also include the team who will be conducting the different tasks of the moving. Distribute what has to be done between the appropriate for that people and begin your work. Focus on communication – it is very important not just for every business but especially when it comes to moving. All levels managers need to know what their department has to do and how it has to conduct the moving process amongst the people that they supervise.

Project plan for moving office

Plan your office relocation a few months before the moving date. You will need this time to arrange every detail of your moving.

Packing Your Office Tips

When you think about packing one certainly useful idea is if the people working at the company can move their office themselves. It would be best if they can pack their desks so that when they arrive at their new office they will be able to quickly unpack knowing where their working materials and documents are. Of course, labeling is also very important so that boxes won’t get mixed up later. Pack first the common areas like corridors. Latest to go in the boxes are the things from the offices people use for their work.

Practical Office Relocation Tips

Use the moving as an opportunity to upgrade your office. Do you need new computers or perhaps you want to change some desks? Organize that! Have patience. A commercial relocation could take weeks depending on the size of it. As the old stuff is going out of the building you could have it recycled and new office technology or furniture could be placed in the new offices instead. At the same time think about your suppliers (internet, phones, office materials and so on): is there one you would like to replace? Moving an office is a great opportunity and occasion for that as well. In the meantime design the new look of the office and include it in the project plan for moving your office. You need to know the size of the new place so you can distribute the offices in it. This means knowing the measures of the office equipment and furniture so you could find a room for it in the new location. The new positioning of your business should also be appropriate for the people who work in terms of task distribution, i.e. people who have similar tasks for completion could be in one office.

Costs for Moving Your Office

Office relocation costs vary largely. The reason is that every moving is unique – the price is going to be different if you are moving a couple of offices, another – if you are relocating cubicles, and still other – if you want to change the location of a whole floor with offices. The best thing to do is contact a few reliable moving company (as many as possible) and get an estimate. Ask a representative of these companies to take a look personally if possible. If not, make a list with everything you want to move. The movers will need it in order to give you an exact price for your office relocation. Other cost factors are the need for a moving crate, packing supplies and packing itself, difficulty of access to the building by vehicles.

Moving an office costs

Moving an office with a moving company is a cost-efficient decision. Organizing a commercial relocation yourself will take you much more time and will be a lot more expensive.

How to Choose the Right Mover for Your Office

Besides getting a quote, make sure that you research well your mover. Do not leave your business in the hands of a random company. Read some reviews here – website. Additionally, you can find there lists with movers and all of their registration numbers (local and with the Department of Transportation) and contact details. Movers do not just provide loading/ unloading and logistics. They usually offer a wide variety of services tailored to their customers’ needs. Choosing the proper mover is the cost-efficient decisions as it will save you the time to do a lot of work yourself and money.

Do you have experience with commercial relocation? Share your ideas and tips in the comments below.