Move to ChicagoChicago is one of the world economy centers that attract yearly many visitors and lots of people move there as well for a long list of reasons. So, we’ve decided to create another guide for moving to a new city to help your relocation to Chicago with info about the city and some interesting tips that can assist your relocation.

Moving to Chicago – Things to Know

The Second City, the seat of Cook Country, is the largest city in the USA after NYC and LA with about 2,7 million people living in it. It is the most populous city in the American Midwest and the State of Illinois. Consequently, there are many sectors of the economy that are largely developed in the city making it an international center for transportation, telecommunications, finance, commerce, industry, technology and it is now a major world financial center. Food processing, publishing, printing and manufacturing have also major roles in the city’s economy. The busiest airport in the world is also located in Chicago. Tens of millions of people from America and abroad visit the city yearly for various reasons like fun, work, etc. The third largest gross metropolitan product in the USA, again after New York and Los Angeles, is produced by Chicago. The economy in the city is very diverse and consequently well balanced and it is one of the most important business centers in the world and one of the richest cities in the world. So, if you are moving to Chicago without a job, there could be an interesting opportunity waiting for you somewhere in this big city.

Chicago is located on Lake Michigan southwestern shores in northeastern Illinois. It lies within the humid continental climate zone and has four distinct seasons. The summers are humid and hot and the winters are usually cold and snowy with mostly cloudy days. In January the temperatures could fall quite below the freezing point. The autumn and spring are mild and not very humid. Extreme cold and hot weather are typical for Chicago and can last for several days.

How to get a job

If you need to find a job in Chicago, take a look at our tips here in this article!

But how do you move to the Windy City and become a Chicagoan?

Moving to Chicago Guide

What is the weather is like where you are living right now? If you are not used to extreme temperatures you may find that you need some time to adapt. If you can, go to Chicago to spend a few days there and get a sense of what it feels like. Still wondering what is to be done in Chicago? Take a look here for a long list of ideas! You can combine your trip with looking up a few properties, exploring neighborhoods and even going to job interviews! Chicago is a great place of culture and multiple opportunities, and if you are planning a move to Chicago with no job you may at least try to arrange some job interviews. If you are unable to personally attend them, ask to have them over the phone. You can take a look at the currently open job positions at the the City of Chicago’s official site.

Hire Chicago movers

In order to make your move easier, especially if it is a long distance one, look for estimates from movers and compare prices - quotes are free.

Since Chicago is quite a large city, search for a property early on. When you begin considering the idea to move there, take a look at what are the properties available for sale or rent to get an idea of the options that you have in terms of type of home, location and cost. Depending on the neighborhoods the prices for buying or renting a house or apartment could of course vary largely. Estimate what sort of budget will be at your disposal before making the move, what your needs are and what your requirements are.

Depending on the distance – whether you are moving to Chicago locally or long distance, consider hiring movers to help you organize your move. Searching for Chicago relocation services, if you are interested, is easy – just get an estimate and you will be contacted by moving companies you can choose between. They will have to handle the traffic, fight with heavy boxes and furniture for dismantling and assembly, etc. and basically carry the most part of the burden of your Chicago move which won’t be very easy if you have a larger home, more things to move or a bigger family. Hiring a moving company will surely be beneficial for you, especially if you are moving from another state. Long distance moves are more complicated and time consuming, and Chicago relocation companies could certainly make quite a difference in your move.

Have you moved interstate before? If you want to share useful tips from your experience or want to add something up to this article, please fell free to make a comment!