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10 Responses to “Free moving boxes? Wait, where’s the catch?”

  1. Carolyn, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK says:

    Great article. You’re absolutely right about some companies offering discounts for boxes. Two Men And A Truck Sacramento currently offers an online coupon for moving boxes which can be accessed on their website. It’s always a great idea to ask your mover if there are any discounts available as well as if they can provide any cost saving tips for your move.

  2. mutari mobila says:

    in my country, Romania, the only places where u can find this strong boxes are at moving companies and storage facility and are a little expensive.

  3. Sadlers Cardboard Boxes says:

    As you say, packaging supplies are one of the key things to think about when moving house.

  4. starving students movers says:

    moving from one city to another city its a really pain full job for anyone and its a really costly if you do not find a reliable moving company.and packing cost is also high if you did not find the right company

  5. Kathy Ovans says:

    Nice article. If you can collect required number of packing boxes without paying or in low price, it will help to reduce your moving expenses significantly.
    Our moving company also provides packing boxes at discount price, especially for students.

  6. Crystal Goode says:

    ive moved so many times in my life. tip 1. Spring clean (throw out stuff) one month before. 2. Pack everything(little stuff) you wont use in one week before. 3. Pack like your going on vacation. Pack a bag. *clothing, hygiene, towels). Put that sutff in a corner and then pack everything else 3 days before. Get at least 50 boxes or more. I always get 50 and then need about 75. I like to pack many small boxes and use a dolly vs large boxes i cant move. i like to call clothing stores and ask the back dock work mgt for the boxes.
    BIGEST TIP EVER. Keep toilet paper and one rag with you in your old house then your new house. Just in case ( is always the case for me)

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