Movers FAQMoving is one of the most difficult things in life and lots of people get stressed by it because they have little or no knowledge about the process. The key to success, so to speak, comes with information and understanding of the relocation process. In the midst of preparing your move, there are plenty of questions you may wish to ask the movers. The most common ones provide the basic information that everyone should know before a move. We’ve selected the top movers FAQ that will come to your mind when relocating. What are they and what are their answers?

Moving Companies FAQ

  1. How much will my move cost?
  2. What is a quote and how do I get it?
  3. How do I know if I have hired reliable movers?
  4. Can I get a moving discount?
  5. What is the best time to organize my relocation?
  6. When should I book the movers?

How much will my move cost?

Costs to move

How do you estimate moving costs? Check out this article for the answer!

This is perhaps the most common ones of all moving company FAQ. Determining the budget you set for your moving will define when you will move (when you will have sufficient funds to do it), what you will move (the more things you want to take, the higher the cost for the relocation), what moving crew you will hire (the more the moving men, the higher the moving cost), etc. That is why understanding what forms the cost of your relocation is so important. There are several factors that mainly determine the cost of your move: the distance (locally or long distance), the amount and type of things to take (for example, moving larger furniture may be more costly), the services you want to use removals for and the prices of the moving company. This is what you need in order to be able to estimate moving costs.

What is a quote and how do I get it?

A quote is an approximation of your moving costs. It is based on the factors explained in the previous paragraph. Once you give this information to the movers, they will answer back with information about the price of your move. The more precise and accurate you are when providing information to the removals, the more precise the estimate will be. If you want to get a quote, you can find here the form to fill in. The more detailed information you ask for, the better.

How do I know if I have hired reliable movers?

There are several details that you should be aware of before hiring removals: what is their moving experience, what reviews do they have (you can check that up in our database with removal firms), what is their policy on losses or damages, and are they members of the American Moving and Storage Association, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Knowledge is the key to avoiding moving scam. All these will surely help you get the best moving company. All you have to do is keep yourself well informed.

Can I get a moving discount?

There are different discounts like coupons you can get from the moving company website, discounts for students, elderly people, the military, etc. Plus, you can check how to deduct moving costs from taxes. You can find reliable movers and at the same time get a quality move on an average cost. Of course that paying the highest possible price for a move does not guarantee 100 % that you will get the best moving service. That is why look for a moving company that has reasonable prices.

What is the best time to organize my relocation?

Time to relocate

The best time to move in terms of cost is the off peak season. The summer months, weekends and weekdays tend to be more expensive because they are busier for the industry itself.

The best time to organize your move depends of course on the first place on your own needs. When it comes to moving cost, if you want to save on expenses you should avoid the peak times for moving when most people relocate. These are the summer in general, holidays, weekends, and beginning/ end of the month. This is the time when the movers are busier and they may place higher price for hiring. Always be informed on the movers’ tariffs for the day when you want to move so that you won’t get to pay more than you have expected.

When should I book the movers?

Begin your moving organization as soon as you know you will be moving. Book movers as soon as you can so that you have ample time to do it all. If you contact a moving company in the last minute, they may be already busy or charge you extra and you don’t want any of that, do you? So, the sooner, the better. Especially if you want to hire a more renowned company, you will have to contact it sooner. With some movers a week before your moving date could be a late notice; that is why try to arrange your moving company at least 2 weeks before your desired moving day.

What else do you need to know?

Besides the moving companies FAQ, stay aware of all the details of the move. Learn which are the question to ask movers as they will also assist you in defining which company to hire for your move. Asking questions is very important as no single article can cover all the important topics of moving and give you complete information. That is why use this article with packers and movers FAQ as a guide to a good start in your moving search.