Move in with boyfriendA move is a great new experience that can be tough and stressful to handle but after it happens there’s a new page in our lives we are looking forward to turning, right? And relocating with your boyfriend is a step that makes the move even more exciting than it already is. You probably already imagine what life will be like after the move – spending time with someone special for you, supporting and helping each other out. But how to make moving in with your boyfriend easier and what to expect when you move in with your boyfriend? It will be difficult to predict everything, especially if you are relocating with a guy for the first time. Although every relationship is different and unique, there are a few things to know before moving in with your boyfriend that are universal. What are they? Here is the checklist that will help you take a decision about what you need to know before you move in with your boyfriend to your new home.

Tips On Moving In With Your Boyfriend

  • Work out your goals together. Before moving in with your boyfriend, talk with him about what both of you expect from your relationship. For example, what if one of you wants to have children and the other one doesn’t at all, can a compromise be made and who will be the one to make it? What is important for you in a relationship? Do you want to get married? What if you do and your boyfriend doesn’t? Discuss how both of you see the relationship because if after 6 months or one year of living together you find out you want totally different things in life, then you may both end up disappointed. Talk about what both of you want and if your vision about your future together matches, then proceed to our next tip!

    Living with your boyfriend

    Is he the one for you? Ask yourself the questions in this article.

  • Are you certain that this is exactly what you want? Do you really know enough about him to take this decision? If you’ve only had a few dates, how will you know that he really is the guy for you? Are you feeling comfortable with him? Do you get along generally? Ask yourself about how you feel about your boyfriend. Before taking the decision to move in with him, make sure that you know enough about him and you are ready to say “yes” when the moment comes. Knowing you have a common vision about your life together is great, but is that sufficient?
  • Take your time to get used to each other’s presence and your new life in general. It is one thing to be dating and visiting each other at home and a totally different thing to live together. Even though you are still his lady, you will be expected to take a certain amount of responsibility for the home, the chores to be done and your relationship. Living together could work out if both of you do your part for it.
  • Make an agreement about the chores to be done after moving in to your new apartment or house. Even though it may sound like something difficult to discuss, it shouldn’t stop you from bringing up the matter. It does not go without saying who does what in a common home, so talk it through. You could make a list and set the duties for each one of you like paying bills, taking the garbage out, cooking, cleaning, etc. You could distribute some tasks, share some things and take turns or agree to do some things together. It is all up to both of you.

    Prepare for moving in with boyfriend

    In order to organize your move together, get a few quotes and arrange to help each other, if you can.

  • Sharing responsibilities means taking decisions together so make an agreement what what is important for each one of you and communicate it with the other person. In this way you are giving each other an opportunity to get used to each other’s way of life, habits, interests, etc. and know what is really important for the other person. If, for instance, Thursday evening is your cocktail evening with your girlfriends and that is important for you to have and keep, or you go to sports classes Sunday afternoon and you want to keep up with them, let him know. And encourage him to do the same. Being open about your needs will give you the opportunity to continue doing the things you actually like. Suppressing yourself and what is important for you will not work out in the long run because in the end it will make you miserable and you will wish to change that or end the relationship. Avoiding this stepping stone from the beginning is a good start of your common life together.
  • Be ready to see that he is not perfect. Every person has their not so good sides and just like you, he’s not ideal. Be patient with him and encourage him to treat you the same way. We all have the right to be ourselves after all, don’t we? If there is something that you want, be upfront about it and say it, most guys don’t take hints and appreciate it if a girl is straightforward. When you say what you want, you give a chance to your boyfriend to make you happy, and he surely wants that for you, doesn’t he?
  • Organize the relocation. Choose a neighborhood and a place together, a home, that both of you like, and plan the move. You may hire one moving company to do the move and help each other with the relocation process. He can help you with heavy things like furniture and you can help him wrap things in packing paper, for example. Also, agree on what will each one of you bring. You don’t need two toasters and two coffee machines, right? Optimize your luggage before the relocation. Get a quote to find out about the cost of your move.

These are the basic tips on moving in with your boyfriend. Is there something else that is important for you as well? Make a comment below to let us know!