Do you remember how you felt moving into your house? Did you catch eyes peeking through the blinds in the window across the street? Did you feel as though your neighbors were judging the outdated pattern on your old sofa as the movers brought it through the front door? If yes, then you know how those new neighbors are going to feel that just bought the house next door. Wouldn’t it be nice to make them feel welcomed, rather than on edge?

moving to a new neighborhood

Alternately, if you did have a neighbor who made a kind gesture right away, then you know how appreciated and wonderful it felt when a stranger confirmed that you really did pick the right house and the perfect neighborhood. Below are a few ideas that are thoughtful, and sure to start things off on the right foot.

Folder of Essentials

You can pick up a decorative folder in the school supply section at the store. Inside should be takeout menus of all the great local spots. You might even want to highlight a few options that are recommended. Also inside could be your personal “go-to” list for babysitters, grocery stores, farmers markets, 24-hour medical center, vet, parks, etc. This will definitely be a gift that will get put to good use.


If you pride yourself on your baking skills then by all means, prepare, and take over a warm apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, or cupcakes. Of course, if it is summer and all the produce at the farmers market looks divine, a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables would be nice. You can even cut some veggies in snack size (since their knives are probably still packed!), and include a container of homemade dip or hummus.

Local Goodies

If you have a local winery or brewery, or if there is a shop downtown that makes all handmade soaps and candles then perhaps a local gift is the way to go. It will let them know just one of the many things they have to look forward to living here. Plus, they are sure to appreciate that you support local businesses.

Stuff for Kids

If you have children of your own then you may know how exhausting it can be to move and try to keep a child entertained. Sidewalk chalk, coloring books, and even homemade “Play-doh” could be just what they need the most right now to keep little ones entertained while they unpack. A few healthy snacks might be a good idea, too. Keep in mind some parents do not allow their children to eat chocolate and other sweets, and there are always peanut allergies to consider. Cutie clementines, a container of bite-size fruit (skip the strawberries, as they are another popular allergy), granola, etc., are great ideas.

Pet Items

A gift for their four-legged critter may be the fastest way to spark a friendship. A few new toys and perhaps some natural treats would be perfect. Do be mindful to avoid treats made in China, as thousands of dogs have become ill and even died over the past couple years from eating them, and they are starting to slowly be pulled from shelves. Of course, if you have a dog, you probably already know this!

Odds and Ends

There are countless other things you can give. A new welcome mat, coffee mug, gift certificate to the corner café, keychain of the local sports team, watering can with fresh cut flowers, a plant, and reusable grocery or produce bags are all great ideas.

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