The only moving app you will ever need to organize your move the right way!

The only moving app you will ever need to organize your move the right way!

Considering the fairly complicated nature of the busy preparations prior to a house move, home movers’ minds are usually overwhelmed by the staggering number of things to do, moving related tasks to complete, little yet important details to take care of and urgent issues to tackle. And due to the limited processing power of human brains, stress and chaos are likely to take over and slowly but surely start to move the moving preparations in the wrong direction.

The truth is that residential moves are not meant to be handled without any help, that this is why most people about to move to another home in another city are always looking for good ways to relieve the building stress and force organized structure into the chaos. Yes, any type of competent and timely relocation assistance is always welcome, but what’s the best /understand easiest and cheapest/ way to get it?

Luckily, the Digital Age gives us convenient ways to organize a move from start to finish directly from a mobile device. And even more luckily, some of these digital relocation assistants are an excellent choice whenever one of the most transitional periods in life knocks on our doors.

Meet Move Advisor – a revolutionary moving organization app that truly redefines the way a house move is organized and executed.

What is Move Advisor?

Moving Timeline by Move Advisor

Each self-explanatory icon in your mobile moving calendar hides additional relevant information which can be yours for the tapping.

Move Advisor is a new mobile moving application whose main purpose is to be your personal invaluable advisor through every stage of your upcoming relocation. In its essence, the moving planner app consists of four distinct powerful tools to help you become the great here in your own moving adventure:

Moving Timeline

Move Advisor is equipped with an advanced week-by-week moving timeline checklist that enlists all of the essential moving tasks you must complete before, during and after the relocation. To simplify things as much as possible, Moving Timeline actually customizes your chores depending on the exact date of the move and won’t overwhelm you by suggesting more jobs than you can handle effectively. All your moving tasks are displayed with the help of eye-catching large icons, and although the graphical representations of your work are entirely self-explanatory, you just need to tap a particular icon to read more relevant information about the selected task.

The best thing about the moving calendar tool is that it’s so much more than just a detailed to-do list. In reality, it gives you full control over the entire preparation process in terms of work to be done. With Move Advisor installed and running on your preferred mobile device, you are now the sole manager of your tasks – mark them as complete, delete them if you view them as inapplicable in your case, or set quick reminders to take care of them later.

What’s more, the moving planner checklist makes it even easier for you and lets you save time by introducing an ACTION button underneath particular tasks. Tap that button and get practical suggestions on how you can complete the job at hand more quickly than ever.

Home Inventory

Additionally, Move Advisor offers a home inventory tool which will not only turn the tedious process of inventorying your entire household into a piece of cake, but it will also let you have fun while doing it. Creating an exact digital copy of your home and all the household items in it has never been easier! Build and name virtual rooms in seconds, and start filling them with all the possessions found inside the corresponding real-life walled living spaces. Quick drag-n-drop actions will let you enjoy the inventory-making process, and when you’re ready with one room, you just move on to the next one.

Home Inventory by Move Advisor

Become the virtual home inventory creator you've always wanted!

Home Inventory comes with a great feature which calculates and summarizes the approximate volume and weight of the items you have inventoried so far in real time, thus making it possible for you to know in advance how many moving boxes you will need to pack up your earthly possessions, and what type of a moving truck to rent if you’re moving by yourself. When you feel ready with your house inventory list, you can quickly share that list with friends and even send it to yourself as a pro-active backup action. What’s best, however, is that you are given the convenient option of emailing your comprehensive home inventory to moving companies in order to receive accurate moving costs estimates.

Everything about the moving helper app feels natural and intuitive – changes are saved automatically, your next actions are predicted and suggested, and you soon realize you’re moving confidently around the moving app’s functionalities even without realizing it.

Movers Around You

Sometimes timely professional assistance when moving house can well be the thin line between a highly successful move and a failed relocation attempt with disastrous consequences. With Move Advisor on your device, the hunt for the best cross country movers is swiftly taken to the next level. A few taps is all you need to pinpoint the location of properly licensed and adequately insured moving companies near your home. Mover Around You gives you a comprehensive list of reliable professional movers, together with their current contact information so that you can get in touch with them in seconds.

As you’re looking through the list of reputable movers around you, you’re probably wondering how exactly you are supposed to choose the right mover for your approaching relocation. Yes, this is an excellent question considering all the horror moving stories you’ve heard and read about so far. Fortunately, Move Advisor has got that covered as well! Before you decide to contact a mover, the moving assistant app lets you browse through actual moving companies reviews and overall ratings* which have been left by satisfied or not particularly satisfied clients. And practice has shown that what past customers had to say about the services of their respective movers can serve as good guidelines for all the people who are yet to find themselves a trustworthy relocation partner.

* Moving reviews and performance ratings are supplied by a third party source.

Get a Moving Quote

Requesting an obligation-free moving quote from reputable movers can help you bring down your moving price considerably because it will give you the chance to compare different price estimates and choose the one that best works for you – that is, matches your preliminary moving budget and meets your specific requirements as a home mover.

Tap Get a Moving Quote to request a free moving costs estimate from a trustworthy mover around you.

Check out this three minute video walk-through that explains most of the features of the app.

How will Move Advisor help you execute your move?

Move Advisor is your trusted relocation companion that will guide you along the rocky road of a house move. To sum it up, here’s how the moving organizer application will help you plan your relocation success:

  • Movers Around You by Move Advisor

    With Move Advisor, finding top rated movers around you is as easy as saying your own name.

    Follow your relocation progress with the interactive week-by week moving checklist;

  • Learn more about the tasks ahead of you to be better prepared;
  • Complete, postpone, delete or cheat time while interacting with your personal moving calendar tool;
  • Create a virtual map of your entire home and get down to inventorying your possessions in an easy and fun way;
  • Have the volume, weight and required packing materials calculated automatically;
  • Send your ready house inventory checklist to pre-selected movers to get the most accurate price estimation possible;
  •  See the location of reputable movers around you on a map and take a look at their contact information;
  • Read moving companies’ moving reviews and ratings to make an informed decision;
  • Request fast and easy price calculation through Get a Moving Quote;
  • Download, install and use Move Advisor totally for free with no annoying ad banners;

How to get Move Advisor on your mobile device?

Be the master of your own move and get Move Advisor on your preferred mobile device today. The best news is that your personal moving organizer app will not cost you a single penny so that your moving budget stays in good shape.

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