Efficient moving tips and methodsMoving time is approaching and you are thinking on how to optimize the process. Actually there are ways in which you can make the whole moving process smoother, easier and more efficient. Organize your efficient move and meet the challenge of moving with the knowledge that you can handle it. There are a few simple tricks you can apply on packing and moving that can simplify your job to arrange everything about your moving.

Efficient Packing for Moving

  1. Plan the packing well. Some things require additional attention or extra preparation on your behalf, for example packing books for moving. They are too heavy to fill up a cardboard box with them so put a few books at the bottom and fill up the rest with lighter objects to make your moving more efficient.
  2. Pack first things you rarely use or you know you won’t need until you have moved out – like out of season clothing.
  3. If you are wondering how to pack to move efficiently consider the breakable items as well – moving an aquarium, packing your kitchen‘s items – dishes, glasses, especially expensive ones like antiques and statuettes. To pack them efficiently for your move you will need extra strong boxesand a lot of cushioning material inside them – bubble wrap, cotton, packing papers, even newspapers will do the job; just be very careful to ensure that the items are well secured inside the boxes and they are not moving between the walls.

    Efficient moving home and packing

    To make your home moving more efficient label the boxes by placing numbers on them. Then make a list of these numbers and indicate the content of each box and to which room it belongs.

  4. When packing your lamps take off the light bulbs first.
  5. Take off the lids of breakable items to protect them for a more efficient moving.
  6. Another efficient moving tip you can use is when you take into parts or pieces items for packing place them together in the box if possible to save time when unpacking. Or – if this is not possible – take all the little pieces and parts and pack them together in one box but label it distinctively.
  7. What else will make your moving more efficient is after you pack the boxes to put numbers on them. Then make a list with these numbers and indicate on it the content of each box and to which room it should be taken when unloaded at your new home.
  8. For larger items use the appropriate size towels, blankets and linen you have at your home for a more efficient moving. This will also save you some money from buying the corresponding packing supplies! One of the tips when planning how to pack for moving efficiently is to wrap up the legs of chairs and table with towels. This will also protect your floor in case you accidentally drop a chair or scratch the floor with it.

Efficient Moving Tips

  1. Calculate the approximate costs for moving. Moving efficiently means being prepared with the eventual expenses so you can plan some money savings if needed. Don’t let yourself to chance and be ready.
  2. Take care of the little details to ensure your efficient moving. Actually you should consider contacting utility companies and change your address when moving at the post office. Pay your last bills, close your bank accounts and take things you might have left at the dry cleaners’ or for repair. Prepare also with the cleaning materials to do the cleaning after the movers leave.
  3. After the move when you are already in your new home first of all place every box to the room where it belongs. If you can, measure in advance the size of your new place and your furniture. You will have a more efficient moving if you have a floor plan in advance. Compare the numbers and decide which piece of furniture goes to which room. And then begin the unpacking.

    Moving efficiently methods

    To make your moving even more efficient prepare a floor plan in advance and give it to your movers - this is how they will know what to place where in your home.

  4. When you search for movers after you send a quote make an additional search of the moving companies. You will have a really efficient moving once you know that you have chosen a reliable moving company. Protect yourself from fake movers by checking if they are registered in the US Department of transportation on this link. Also look for the moving company at the Better Business Bureau.
  5. One of the most efficient moving tips I can give you is to try out this simple to use iPhone app – MyMove. You can use it to make moving lists, check movers, read moving reviews and a lot more. It will make your moving a lot more efficient as you will have so much options to arrange your moving directly in your hand!

Efficient Ways to Move

If you use all of these little tips they will add up and in the end you will have a smooth, easy and efficient moving. If there is something you don’t understand don’t hesitate to ask the movers. Making your moving more efficient is always easier when you have the tips of the experts at your disposal.

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