Moving Supplies when movingMost people tend to plan ahead when they know they are moving. The best way to do this is to make a checklist of items you need to pack and then begin packing the small things into boxes and then store them someplace safe. Once moving day approaches, begin packing the larger items and the hassle of moving should be reduced. How do you estimate the number of boxes you will need? You have an entire house to pack and there are countless little items which need to be boxed. No worries, we set out to answer this question for you.

With proper planning and preparation, the stress of moving can be greatly reduced. Estimating the number of boxes you need is nearly as hard as the packing process itself. A good way to begin your estimate of the number of boxes is to organize your stuff by category. Start by estimating the number of boxes for dishes, picture frames and mirrors, clothes, books and other supplies. Now, you can purchase the same style boxes for each item but you must be sure to pack them differently. Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap while clothes can simply be thrown in a box or storage bin.

It always pays to be prepared!

Packing a box and sealing with tape

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to purchase bubble wrap, paper for wrapping and several rolls of packing tape.

It is best to purchase small, medium and large boxes cardboard or plastic boxes/bins. These boxes will last longer and help protect your items better. Some boxes are designed for heavier lifting and fragile items. The smaller boxes can be used for fragile, small or heavier items such as books. Medium boxes can be used for kitchen items, toys, electronics, CD’s, DVD’s and books. The larger boxes are for bedding, towels, pillows, kitchen items and clothes. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to purchase bubble wrap, paper for wrapping and several rolls of packing tape. (Newspaper will work but it will leave a black residue on your items.)

Also be sure to have a knife, screwdriver, wrench, hammer and markers on hand. You will most likely need to take apart furniture, cribs, dressers, entertainment centers, pool tables etc. and will need tools to take them apart. Markers will come in handy so you can clearly label each box. This will be especially helpful when you need to unpack.

So, estimates on the number of boxes…

For a place with only 2-3 rooms you will probably need about 10 small and 10 medium boxes to go along with 3 large boxes. You can get away with 1 roll of tape and 1 roll of bubble wrap and paper. You will most likely need a 10 x 10 storage unit to fit all of your items comfortably.

If you have 3-5 rooms to pack you will need about 15 small boxes, 20 medium boxes and 8-10 large boxes. You should have 2-3 rolls of packing tape and 2 rolls of bubble tape and paper. With 3-5 rooms, a 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 storage unit will allow you to fit all of your belongings inside.

If you have 5 or more rooms to pack in your home, you will need about 25 small boxes, 25 medium boxes and 15-20 large boxes. Having 3-4 rolls of tape on hand should be enough. You will also need 2 rolls of bubble tape and some paper. A place with 5 or more rooms will require a 10 x 20 or a 10 x 30 storage unit to safely store all of your items.

This should give you a rough estimate on how many boxes you will need when packing your home. Remember, to make the residence more spacious, use to find local storage units.