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2 Responses to “All You Need to Know About Vehicle Transportation”

  1. Corsia Logistics says:


    This article is full of great information! We especially love this list:

    Here are Some Easy and Useful FREE Tips!

    Transporting a vehicle interstate is more complicated so always have ample time before contacting a shipping company.
    Always check the company before you book it – read reviews, check the USDOT number and the memberships at the Better Business Bureau.
    Follow the mover’s instructions strictly. If for instance you were asked to not place anything inside your vehicle, it is for safety reasons.
    Read well all the paperwork before signing it. Don’t sign on blank sheets.
    Don’t give money without a document proving you have.
    Always stay informed of the carrier’s policy on damages. What will happen if the mover damages your vehicle – what is the procedure for you to be reimbursed?

    I hope more people read this and remember all the tips.


  2. Kayleb Holden says:

    A really great and informative post Pamela. It is so important to get your vehicle transported safely when moving and it is important to try and sort the bulk of it out to avoid any stress later. In terms of delivering the vehicle to a terminal; can that be arranged for the same day of arrival and should it be done this way? I guess it is also handy to ask around and find out what companies friends and family have used in the past to relocate.

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