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7 Responses to “Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Items”

  1. chair leg glides says:

    A beneficial tip to use during the furniture moving process, especially for real wood or padded items is to place each piece in a cushioned towel to prevent marks or holes.

  2. Removal Company says:

    All these tips provided are very helpful for those who are relocating themselves from one place to another and I am glad to know that people like you are providing their services online.

  3. Elham says:

    Great tips! Moving can be a real pain, particularly when you have to load and unload heavy items such as appliances, huge armories or.. So we should use the right procedure.

  4. Vancouver Movers says:

    Good advice, one of the best items you can have on a move is a tall strong guy, sometimes technique and experience is vital.

  5. Lisa researching moving heavy objects says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips!

  6. Shug Baby says:

    my husband is a tall strong guy, who lifts weights,and is a professional mover.all my moves have been fantastic when it came down to packing and how to move smarter not harder.i always asked him how best to pack something since he does this for a’d be surprised the stories he talls me about people over loading boxes,not being ready but want them to rush.if you dont know a mover,ask a moving company for some tips, or as some say Google is your friend!

  7. East Coast moving and storage says:

    Good tips!
    It is important to remember that you should not break your back!
    leave the heavy stuff… fridge, washing machine,heavy boxes etc. to the professionals
    Keep your belongings and more importantly your health. Good luck withmove

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