Moving box essentialsAmong the details around your moving there are many things to take care of. One of them is the “open first” box. This is the box that you pack last and unpack first. The importance of making such a box will serve you during the last days at your old home and during your first days in your new home. Preparing an “open me first” box for your relocation is simple. Take a look at these “open first” box tips that will help you prepare your moving house essentials box for your relocation.

Moving House Essentials Box

Here is what your moving box with basics should contain:

  • For the toilet and bathroom. This means hand soap, a few rolls of toilet paper, hand towels, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner for the hair, take bathroom towels – at least one for every member of the family, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush for every person again, hair brush, hair dryer, shaver and shaving cream and other bathroom cosmetics that you are using.
  • Items for the bedroom. This means that your “open first” box should contain bedsheets for every bed that you will be using in your new home, pillows and pillow cases for every member of the family and blankets. Put your alarm clock in too. Take at least one extra set of clothes for each member of the family.
  • For the kids. The kids will be happy to have some toys around or you could take them over to your parents’ or friends’ place for a day until you have moved (that could work well for short distance moves). You can also put in your moving box with essentials some games for the whole family to play. Prepare for your kids some books that they may like to read, pencils and paper if they feel like drawing or puzzles to arrange to keep them busy and entertained.
  • If you have pets like a cat or a dog remember to take the bowls for food and water and the pet’s toys.
  • Include in your “open me first” box also some kitchen items. These should include plastic plates and cutlery, cups for the drinks, some drinks and snacks, paper towels, some hand soap. After the move is over, the truck is unloaded and all the boxes are in your new home everyone will be hungry. You can have some snacks or just order pizza or Chinese.

    Open me first box

    Put in your “open me first” box bathroom, bedroom and kitchen essentials. And of course documents and jewelry travel with you too.

  • Cleaning items are also important. Prepare the cleaning supplies like sponges, mops, glass cleaning liquid, surface cleaner and any special surface cleaners. You can read in detail what to do and how here.
  • Other things. These can be your glasses, any make up or cosmetics that you are using, medications, cell phones and their chargers, you can also take your camera with you and make photos on the way to your new home. If you pass by an interesting place you can stop for a quick photo session. If you try to make moving fun before and during the trip everyone will feel better and will take the relocation more lightly. Also put into your “open first” box a flashlight, batteries, light bulbs, trash bags, scissors for unpacking and a screwdriver. If you have a laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc. remember to charge them too and carry the chargers with you. You can charge your laptop in your car and use it or your partner may use it if necessary.
  • Documents, money, expensive things. Don’t leave these to the movers. Place in your moving box with essentials some cash for tipping the movers. Take your jewelry and other expensive things with you. Prepare your documentation. The moving documentation, credit and debit cards, bank records, the records from doctors, dentist, school, day care, utility companies, driving licenses, etc. all should move with you.

    Moving house essentials box

    When your essentials box is ready label it and put it away from the other boxes to go in the truck.

  • When you pack your essentials in a moving box (or two, or a box and a suitcase – whatever is convenient for you, it doesn’t matter) label it and put it away from the other boxes to be loaded on the truck. When the movers arrive lock your “open first” box in the bathroom or somewhere else so they don’t take it. Professional movers work usually quickly and are very handy so be careful!

After you prepare your moving house essentials box take it with you in your car or on your travel to your new home by flight or whatever means for traveling you have chosen. You will need all of the things in your moving box with essentials for your first day in your new home. If not, you would have to open your boxes one by one in order to find the hand towels, then the hand soap, then the bedsheets, then clothes for everyone, etc. A moving box with packed essentials will ease your move – you arrive to your new place, unload, open the essentials box and have a shower, make the beds and go to bed so you can have a good sleep and make an early start the next day. So basically this is what you will be needing to pack in your essentials box. If you have more ideas on what to put you can make a comment below. Happy moving!