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  1. Moving from States to Australia is surely a big event. The article has covered almost every aspects of such a move. thanks

  2. ranice says:

    this is new to me of like living my own place and away in USA I just want to be living in Australia my own again and so I have a friend lives there in Australia to I would like be myself alone to live by myself and came back to visit only then come back turn in Australia please someone help me someone out there
    this is by Ranice

  3. Pamela Smith says:

    Hi Ranice,
    Thanks for your comment. You can read about moving to Australia here and on this link. Hope this helps.
    Best regards,

  4. Anthony Belindo says:

    My oldest daughter is the company secretary at the Southbank Institute of Technology in Brisbane. She recently sent me an email that said, “Dad, come work at the university they are hiring for Technical Support”! I never really put much thought to it. I mentioned this to my sister in law last night at dinner and she told my wife and I, “what are you guys waiting for, what a great opportunity”! My wife and I have no kids at home, we both work hourly positions in Customer Service and Technical Support. So now are seriously considering the idea. My daughter got married to her Aussie husband this past year in Las Vegas. I met all my new extended family from Brisbane. We are both excited about the idea and at the same time hesitant in leaving our comfort zone here at home. Can anyone provide us some encouragemnent. My daughter said we’d love living and working there.

  5. Pena monty says:

    Reading company review is very important fact when movibg

  6. Pena monty says:

    reading company reviews is very important while hiring moving company.

  7. John Savel says:

    my dream is to get retirment benefits even if i never contributed any. what chances do i have ?

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