Moving out of stateMoving out of state is a task that may take a longer time because of the distance and change of utilities. Going to another state is a relocation that is different than a local move and besides the need of a different type of organization comes the need of planning a higher budget. All those specifics bring up the question of how can you get ready for your move to a different state and so here are our moving out of state tips.

Moving out of State Tips and Help

This moving out of state guide will give few a few practical useful tips for a smooth relocation:

  • Plan the change of utilities – cut them at your current living place and prepare to run them in the new place. Arrange everything in advance so that when you do actually move your work will be done.
  • Consider costs. When relocating into a new state the price is defined by the amount, volume and weight of your items for relocation. And this is how you will be charged – not by the hour like it is on local moves. In order to know exactly how much your moving will cost you ask for a quote and get as many as you can (minimum 3) and discuss with the mover which type of moving estimate you would like to receive. Out of state moving costs will differ depending on the specifics of your move.
  • Look for reliable interstate movers. In order to find the best out of state moving companies check the ones you are interested in by reading reviews, looking for information about the mover at the US Department of Transportation and see if it is BBB registered. Checking the background and history of performance of a mover can save you a lot of trouble later on during the moving itself.
  • Get on with the packing preparations as early as you can. Since an interstate move will usually take longer don’t risk doing everything in the last minute. Plan the move out and move in dates and arrange them with your landlord(s) and the moving company.
  • Prepare for moving day. Have all the moving and other documentation collected in one file to bring with you. Don’t pack and leave to the movers any important items like paperwork, jewels, credit/ debit cards, check books, etc. If you are taking a flight to your new home these important items should stay with you on the cabin for an extra level of security.

    Moving day out of state

    Prepare for moving day: collect all documentation in one file to take with you. Don't pack it for moving.

Moving out of State Cheaply

How can you move out of state cheap? There are a few tips that can help you on that as well.

  • Start decluttering as soon as you know you are relocating. With the stuff you won’t move you can do several things: throw some useless ones away, donate to the Salvation Army or another organization, give away to family or friends, or just sell at a moving sale which will also bring you some incomes, too.
  • Look for boxes cheap or for free. This means craigslist, supermarkets, talk to friends, neighbors, colleagues and if someone has recently moved they may still keep the boxes they don’t need to use any longer. These are also great sources to get other types of packing materials as well. Of course, out of all the second hand boxes that you get consider which ones are strong and clean. You don’t want a dusty box that can make a mess out of your things and is half broken or moist from hanging in stores or warehouses.
  • Consider what packing materials to use. On the one hand, newspapers and magazines are cheap. On the other, newspaper ink leaves imprints so you may wish to use other materials. You can go for example to the local newspaper and ask if they have clean newsprint that they won’t use because it is damaged for example. If you have friend or relatives with left over packing supplies you may ask for them.

    Best moving out of state company

    In order to find the best and reliable out of state moving company get more quotes, research the history of the company and read reviews online.

  • If you are not sure how much packing materials you will need and you are concerned you may buy more than necessary talk to the movers and ask from them to have the packing supplies. There are companies that will let you have enough and when your packing is over if you have left boxes, tape or other stuff you take it back to the mover without being charged.
  • You can move out of state cheaper if you also manage to find companies’ discounts – a lot of movers propose coupons, discounts for students, the military or other. Research over which moving company offers which kind of a discount and use that in order to decrease your out of state moving costs. It can be a coupon for $100 or a discount percentage. The best out of state moving companies may be able to offer you a good deal.

No out of state moving guide with tips can be complete without your say: when your relocation is over please remember to come back and share your moving story with us.