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14 Responses to “How to Move without a Job”

  1. man and van says:

    well this is really worth reading article and i would like to say thanks to you for sharing such a good piece of writing.

  2. Paul says:

    Excellent post. I am unemployed now and am considering a move. The best advice you gave is to throw away as much stuff as possible. The more you have the more it costs to move! If you plan first, it can be cheaper!

  3. Dave says:

    Some great tips here I like the one about getting the free boxes some good advice

  4. Erick Mark says:

    Excellent Tips! in London there are so many companies who charge very high.. after read ur article i feel that from the next time i will save my money and time too 🙂

  5. Jaclyn V. Bazsika says:

    I am moving to Austin TX next month. We only have 1.5 months of living expenses after the move and no job. I am so stressed out!

  6. Evon Renee Jenkins says:

    Austin is awesome. That's where I'm from

  7. Evon Renee Jenkins says:

    Good luck

  8. shon G says:

    Hi I am thinking about moving to Austin as well. Jaclyn how did it go with the relocation?

  9. gennie says:

    i moved from ny because i had no time to find a new place gave up my job!now i cant drive no more cash and no job !should i move back to ny

  10. Mary Bown says:

    I visited San Diego a couple times and of course love the vacation city and area with the desire of moving there and like any vacation destination it is somewhere you do not want to leave therefore you will consider your life living in this beautiful space that you actually might not know anyone or any of this city, state, personal, ways about it because therefore you are a tourist on vacation. So I have tried to move into a metropolitan city and unlike where I'm from ,Salt Lake City and being a smaller area I was intrigued of the diversity challenges it takes to just get around a place vac has such crazy streets and byways, people, bridges, that we do crave and as well I have done it in a bigger metropolitan San Francisco and the Bay Area and I rocked it with many responsibilities and I overcame the challenges that came with moving my life which does include a two year old child at the time two pit bulls and a 10 foot python at one time. So I am stating with my story the desire and will and anambition that life is better wherever you are happy if you can do your work and have the desire with or without a friend spouse or roommate it makes it a hell of a lot easier two people ignnew d old androommates to be in the city as you want to be the suburbs of anywhere its just lame

  11. Mary Bown says:

    Long story short we all have to work to live might as well do it somewhere that makes you feel like you're on vacation every day. One Life to Live let's do this or just talk about it that one or two or few times a year relieve comfort abs stress of the home we may have worked really hard to achieve. When you are in your happy place then work is an enjoyment not a job, just over broke, and looking for the weekend too have something exciting happen which never does because it doesn't happen every day like it should. It is hard to make changes but in a positive mode with the right determination of the desire to, my favorite critical thing pp do, not to talk about it but be / do about it. And as I'm sitting here and a new one year lease in SLC Utah granted I have a plan and like this article has stated but has obviously got me going , is a 12 possibly five year plan of blowing up the opportunities I have in this very prosperous state with the people I know already, I can take advantage of my future even at 37 and have somewhat of an ever after plan which as going to take a lot of positive thinking because I am always ready to pack a bag and move wherever whenever, without a plan, my point actually is not short and as you get older you may have more things or we may have less things but either way we should never settle for a life that is not a constant vacation- enjoyment of life. Hey gypsy I will be forever

  12. Mary Bown says:

    I'm a single woman with an 18 year old son and a 12 year old daughter a 2 1/2 yr old husky,my mane squeeze,lol and two cats from my divorce,the divorce that I Choose to do ,on my own and to let my x,my best friend go for absolutely my love for him to go OUT into the world and find his nitch,and grow into him self with only UN selfish reasons and true love. I had to take the blunt end of the divorce in making the dicsicion witch no one wants to do ,keep it together fir the kids, reputation , ego , lock of the courage to make a extremely dirty and lonely decision to take the world on your own for the sake of the loved one you go for his own good , not your own, not your children , although these decisions sound extreme or irrational I will tell you from experience my best friend is my ex husband to this day . He has taken event to realize the extremity of my choices but now I think I'm sure he loves me more to let him go and just wants the happiness we both deserve as with our children the two have real life tinwas like looking off the side of a cliff andjumpingnotknowingwhereyouwill landbuttrustingyourgutandheartthatitwillbeokinthelongrun. For all you out there, find a decent Rental that's all that on your own without any help but the support of a few good friends… Salt Lake City isn't that bad… Maybe you should consider moving here, lots of support from the community granted the religious views which are great but I'm not agreeable with all like any community , you can actually go on vacation and survive here as a single person with or without children , something to consider about when you move to an expensive destination and can barely afford to live but like I said the world is yours And I can go anywhere and do anything on all the thought process of having whatever kind of life I live and I just want to give encouragement to other single people, not just mothers but fathers, students, young old and indifferent people that this life it is what you think and don't let anybody tell you no you cannot do something you desire in your heart, go for it no matter what it is! If this makes maybe one bit of sense to one person this early in the morning hyped up on the lattes ,love and just want to give encouragement and the power and knowledge that you can do whatever you want do for and to other single people, not just mothers but fathers, students, young old and in different people that this life is what you think and anybody tell you know you cannot do something you desire in your heart, go for it no matter what it is mission point if this makes maybe 1 versus sense to 1 person this early in the morning hope to find a what is then office talk

  13. James says:

    I wrote an ebook on how I moved across the country with hardly any money. My life was a wreck. I had pretty much given up on ever being able to move forward and thought I’d be bogged down in poverty forever. It was the first thing I’ve ever written. I was very excited because I made the decision to move, got the best job I’ve ever had, and completely turned my life around! Someone advised me I should tell my story. They said it might be able to give others the courage and motivation to try it themselves and open up other opportunities for me. So, I figured what the heck and took a chance! It’s pretty simple and only .99, but I think it could really help others experience the adventure of a lifetime!

  14. Judy Burrows says:

    Hi, I know your post is a year old. Ill also be relocating to Austin with no work and plan on living on savings. Im wondering how it all turned out for you in the end? Im worried about not finding a job as soon as id like but feel like ill be okay in the end 🙂

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