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44 Responses to “How to Locate a Reliable Mover?”

  1. says:

    Yes indeed, knowing who that truck belongs to, knowing their track record and having peace of mind are top priority. This is a great article and there were several points that I really enjoyed, such as the fact that planning and research are key.

  2. Moving Ciel says:

    Nice information!! A top-notch logistics company can take your business unit to the top.

  3. Exodus Moving says:

    I’ve used a company that supposedly had a good Better Business Bureau rating but they are pathetic. Never, ever use Exodus out of Fort Collins, CO. They are the worst movers in the country and don’t deserve anyones business. They don’t finish the job, they damage goods and then won’t take care of the damages. Make sure to stay with a larger, well know national mover. Not local companies.

  4. Andre Moves says:

    this is a great blog thanks for the info i keep this site on my favorities furture reference

  5. Denver says:

    I believe the easiest way to find a reliable mover is to look for reviews online. Nowadays, so many people are helping each other out by putting their reviews (good, bad, and mediocre) all over the internet. Make sure you find several companies with NO negative reviews. There are plenty out there, so keep looking!

  6. ETC Mover says:

    Looking for a reliable mover needs research and deciding which companies offers the best option for you. Through internet we can search read reviews about the services that the company offers and what other thinks about it. Also know what’s the important factor when looking for a top logistic company.

  7. Bailey's Moving & Storage says:

    Search engines, including Google, have made it extremely easy for people to research local movers by gathering reviews from multiple online sources. I think it’s a great way for consumers to do their homework before deciding on a moving company. Another great way to research is by finding some local movers and requesting online quotes. Cost comparisons are always valuable whey you are trying to be conscious of how much you are spending.

  8. Hippo London Man and Van says:

    Yes, search engines are great for finding a list of lovers in your area but word of mouth, good recommendations etc are as valuable. The combination of the 2 make for a great movers or man and van company.

  9. Jay says:

    I could agree with you more in reference to checking to see who the truck belongs to. Please, I urge you to check the backgrounds of the owner for the companies you plan to use. Felons are able to get a business license just as easily as the rest of us. As a member of the moving community, I am astonished by the fly-by-night establishments located in my area. If you would not feel comfortable with the owner of the company in your home, who do you think he is going to send out to your house? Granted, Google can provide you with a lot of quality information on the company, but be sure to check all angles to save yourself in the long run. Remember, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. If something goes seriously wrong how are you going to get your restitution? Getting quality help with moving can sometimes be a tricky situation.

  10. Moving Companies says:

    Now a day choosing a reliable moving company is a very difficult task. when you are going to hire a moving company give consideration to the following things:-
    1. Ask about their Insurance Policy.
    2. Get reference from people which are used their services.
    3. Get assured that items are secured while moving.
    4. They are not charging extra for big Furniture and Piano.

  11. Robert says:

    A good mover will be able to offer full trucking services at a minimum. Be sure find out what additional services the mover can offer you.

    When I say “full trucking”, this will entail loading, unloading and placement, double drive-time, disassembly, assembly (except of king beds), fuel, proper securing and transportation of items, blanket/shrink wrapping of furniture, insurance and all taxes.

    Typically, a mover will charge extra for supplying moving kits (boxes and supplies relating to boxes), reassembling king beds, packing of boxes, etc.

  12. Robert says:

    A good mover will be able to offer full trucking services at a minimum. Be sure find out what additional services the mover can offer you.

    When I say “full trucking”, this will entail loading, unloading and placement, double drive-time, disassembly, assembly (except of king beds), fuel, proper securing and transportation of items, blanket/shrink wrapping of furniture, insurance and all taxes.

  13. Robert says:

    Typically, a mover will charge extra for supplying moving kits (boxes and supplies relating to boxes), reassembling king beds, packing of boxes, etc.

  14. Eva Cyrus says:

    It is very nice to see removal companies are providing their services online, and to be honest it is really amazing to be part of that network.

  15. Man and Van Surrey says:

    I would say that the most important thing to do is research as mentioned in this article.

  16. Furniture Movers Brisbane says:

    Don’t forget to check Google reviews on a local removalists page, they tell a good story about the best removalists!

  17. chris says:

    The best tip is to fully research your moving company, and be comfortable with who you are working with. It should also be noted that a lot of the bigger chain moving companies have bad track records, where as the smaller guys are working to keep a good reputation because they don’t have the clientele. Do a lot of homework, plan for the little details, make sure you like the company working for you, and your move will be simple and possibly even fun.

  18. Gentlevans says:

    Searching the internet for removal companies or A man with a van is the biggest tool available to us all. Always get at least 3 quotes. Ensure the Companies visit for an accurate quote.
    It is always important to meet the person or the representative of the Company who are going to move you.
    Always check for feedback,
    Ask questions such as how many men will be assisting on the day?
    Do they have insurance?

    Remember, if it does not feel right when meeting the Company during their visit for a quote then trust your instincts, it probably wont be right on the day.
    Good luck on the day.

  19. Bromley Removals Company says:

    I agree that the reviews should be read before hiring a company. But be sure that the reviews are real and are not posted by the company itself.

  20. Removals Richmond says:

    Calling various companies for estimate is a very good Idea. I found that there are some removals directories which are offering their clients up to 5 removals quotations of companies in their area. It helps a lot in making a final decision.

  21. John says:

    This is a big question for us how to get a reliable mover,due to lack of knowledge we take wrong step towards choosing a good one mover.This is a helpful article.Thanks author for this post.

  22. Indianapolis Movers says:

    Review sites, such as Angie’s List are instrumental in this process as well. Thanks for the input!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Thank you for your point. You can take a look for real, genuine reviews on this website. Just click on the state where you want to find movers and you will see a list with moving companies’ reviews, ratings and contact details.

  24. Bryan Bloom says:

    Yes, please check up on your mover… this is so important and we hear of many people who did not check on the moving company only to be unhappy later.

  25. Toliath Sandoval says:

    Very helpful. thank you. Try some of the sites that only work with quality movers and “Vet” them to make sure they aren’t running scam schemes. and are two that are well known.

  26. Jason says:

    Hi! Doing your research will allow you to find the most reputable moving company in the area. Look for BBB ratings and reviews to help you make a decision.

  27. Marc says:

    Out of 12 moving companies 2 will be good in your area. The rest will be mediocre or terrible or worse than terrible. That’s the nature of the business. Don’t get lured in by reading fake reviews that you can buy or fancy websites that you can create yourself or buy yourself. Call the companies directly and talk to them like a human being. If they are short or dodgy or weird take note. Ask them about who they are sending to your home, how long they have been working? how old are they? Ask about their licensing. Throw some questions at them get a feel for them. You’ll have a much better grasp of who the better movers are in your area.

  28. All My Sons Knoxville says:

    Great article. It is going to be very essential to get the estimates ahead of time from all reputable movers in your area. Like the article mentioned, it is very important to stay organized and keep track of quotes.

  29. Austin Conveyance Moving & Storage says:

    Great tips: for more on moving visit our blog at

  30. Austin Conveyance says:

    It is suggested that people looking for a great moving company shouldn’t ask around for people to suggest moving companies. In my experience, that is one of the most reliable ways to get a good perspective on how a company will handle your move. Moving reviews cannot always be trusted. It is best to do all your research, check both reviews, and ask trusted friends. Also, check with the moving company itself; talk to them, and if convenient, visit their office, and meet the people behind the scenes. This can usually be done easily if they are a local business with a local office in your town.

  31. The Smooth Movers says:

    Definately worth looking around. Always mention a competitor’s rate if it is lower too!

  32. Top Movers Online says:

    Such an important subject
    Star with asking friends and neighbors for moving companies recommendations
    Get the moving quotes from fuw different companies
    Always, Always check reviews

  33. A2B Removals says:

    Could not agree more. Making sure you find a reliable moving company will certainly help taking the stress out of your relocation. Checking reviews online is fairly easy these days. Many people still underestimate the importance of doing 5 minutes of online research. It can save you so much hassle!

    Great post!

  34. Jerry Charlton Remax Realtor Calgary Alberta says:

    Finding Reliable Moving Companies
    The biggest problem is Moving Companies don't move you – the people working for the company that particular day moves you…..

  35. Suzie says:

    Great article and I agree totally – For us the extra time spent getting a reliable company was well worth the hassle !!!

  36. Marc says:

    Various search engines can be easily manipulated with fake reviews. Be careful about hiring a moving company based off reviews. Chances are the bad reviews are real and most of the rest were done by friends of people in the company or by people directly from the company. These connections are often hard to make for the consumer. Be careful making a decision based solely off online reviews.

  37. moving companies Murfreesboro tn says:

    It can be lot harder to tell choose a moving company in an area that has so many to choose from. That just means that there’s more research to be done, and most consumer don’t want to put the effort in even though it can be more than worth it. With all the fake and invalid information that is out there these days, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence.

  38. movers murfreesboro tn says:

    I also agree though about not asking around for referrals. In my case, those have been one of the best means for bringing in more business.

  39. Joey Walden says:

    I totally agree that you should always try to get a research on a moving company. You can never be to safe with your stuff. I would try and look online and also ask them for there latest referrals.

  40. Gabriel Alfonso Arbelaez says:

    How about using moving marketplaces such as where you can compare moving companies, rates and customer written reviews?!

  41. Sam Wilkins says:

    I agree with what you said about checking online reviews. Considering other people's points of view could potentially save you from choosing a company that you can't trust. My husband and I need to hire removalists, so I will make sure to check online reviews before calling anybody. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Vinnie The Mover says:

    Relocation can be a fun experience if it is cautiously planned. As against doing the packing, loading and unloading on your own, when you hire professional movers to do the job for you, it saves you a lot of time, effort and tension. The job of relocating can be rather an adventure if you are planning to make New York City your new house. To relieve your worry and tension, rent the services of any of the professional NYC movers.

    All types of relocating services including packing, loading, providing storage facility, carrying them and lastly unpacking them are usually undertaken by movers. There is no room for worry when you take great movers as they take care of everything on the way. Being proficient, reliable and experts, movers NYC can handle packing and unpacking rather effortlessly. Executing a background check on the company before employing their services is a advised practice. The internet is the easiest place to search for NYC movers. The services and charges of several service providers can be compared on the internet to receive the feasible option.

    A list of nearly all NYC movers is rendered by the Yellow Pages and Internet. Quotations can be obtained by reaching them over the telephone or online. The usual practice of most companies is to get your items inspected by a representative before providing their quotation. The costs will change from company to company dependent on factors like distance between your present residence and NYC and the number of items to be relocated. Inspect whether the charges quoted includes all services you demanded for as well. Quotes given has to be equated with current market values. Try to personally visit these companies, if possible, to check their standing. Before you settle on a date to move, see if its possible for negotiation and then finalize the contract.

    The permits of NYC movers must be obligatorily received from the New York State Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and Department of Consumer affairs. Your mover also has to mandatory have these documents. Verify that all kinds of accidents can be handled effectively with sufficient insurance coverage. At the time unpacking, the inventory of items must be cross checked with the list got before leaving. File a complaint with the movers in case of damaged things or if there is any disagreement.

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