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14 Responses to “Deciding between Hiring Movers or Do It Yourself”

  1. Ari says:

    With money so tight these days, it’s a tough call to decide whether or not to move yourself. As someone who has done it himself several times, I still find myself wrestling with the decision each and every time. I think my bad back will now have me cave and hire a professional next time, but if you’re young, go for it!

  2. James Harrison says:

    Yes,it completely depends upon scale and complexity of your move. And if you want to make your move stress free it is advisable that you go with a professional movers.

  3. Carol@self storage says:

    By reading the shared tips in this article I think movers are the best option for moving as compared to DIY because they have skilled people to move our possession more carefully. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  4. Timothy Patrick says:

    This is the typical money vs. willpower battle during the relocation process.

    Of course if money is not an issue then hiring movers to perform a full service (packing and moving) move is the best decision.

    Those who have no money at all to move, moving yourself is the best decision. This will typically require asking friends for help and borrowing their pickup truck.

    Most of us who move are in the market of moving on a budget. In a few words, the best way to move on a budget is to pack and move everything you can yourself and hire the movers to come move the heavy furniture and appliances. Local moving companies charge by the hour and may have a 3 hour minimum which may cost anywhere from 200 – 400 dollars.

  5. Kenya says:

    Hire movers! I recently moved myself and it was such a hassle. I seriously thought about just throwing all our stuff away and starting fresh at the new place, but then realized it wouldnt work (darn it)! Next time I move I am hiring movers.

  6. Rutherford says:

    Moving is a difficult and back-breaking task that needs a lot coordination and physical labor. Professional movers do this job every day and do this task without expecting a tip.

  7. Carolyn, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK says:

    Scale/complexity certainly makes a difference. If it’s a college student moving into a shared dorm, than hiring movers doesn’t make as much sense as getting a few friends to help out. However when you’re talking about a family of 5 with a full household and high quality items, it’s better to hire a moving company.

  8. Lori says:

    It is so totally evident that this article and most responses were written by movers. While I agree movers can complete the tasks more quickly – and “may” have more “professional” experience (unfortunately, that’s not a given) the “tips” in this article were very slanted. Do I generally choose to use a mover nowadays? Yes, including for the packing. However, if I did not have the financial ability to do so, this article gives very little information outside of “it;s probably better to hire a mover”.

  9. Henry says:

    Many are right, if you have the ability to hire movers, financially, then you should. Now, we have access to moving reviews so that consumers can decide which moving company is the best. Moving companies will help you avoid the stress and strain that comes with moving. They make is simple by providing services such as packing and unpacking as well as providing the necessary storage. If you believe that you can handle the size/complexity of your move, great! But remember that it can always be done in a fast,reliable and professional manner by most moving companies. 🙂

  10. The Cincinnati Movers says:

    A great alternative is renting your moving truck and then hiring movers to load/unload it. This really works well for long distance movers.

  11. Andrew says:

    The answer is simple: Have money- hire movers, don’t have money- do it yourself.

  12. Cal says:

    This has always been a difficult question. Should I spend the money on a moving company or become a “one person moving army?” I believe the article does a great job asking, and then answering, the proper questions that are involved with this difficult choice. If the funds are available, I would suggest hiring movers due to their experience and expertise in the manner. Reviews are simple to find and it is always good to check on the movers website to make sure it is a credible company. If the funds aren’t there however, just do your best on your own, as the saying goes, “when there is a will, there is a way!”

  13. Linda says:

    For across town when we were young with a relatively small but growing amount of stuff with each move, getting a UHaul and friends and a pizza for the helpers was a no brainer.

    Then as “young seniors”, my husband took a job without paid relocation from Alabama to Arizona. We evaluated the costs, the logistics, and decided to hire a moving van. One big factor was that we were moving in July where it was hot and humid in Alabama and 115 in Arizona and we were moving into a second floor condo in Arizona. No way were we going to load and unload ourselves. The next decision was self-packing or using the moving van service packers. Saving money there was the motivation for packing ourselves. It also gave us the ability to sort and purge as we were packing ultimately saving money.

    I would note that for long distance moving, you really need to take packing right seriously to save on damage. Fill those corners with paper or tightly waded linens. Unless you had watched professional movers like we did in packing, watch some how to pack videos on the moving van sites.

    Last year, we also moved cross town from our 2nd floor condo to a house we purchased. We hired Two Men and a Truck for loading/unloading only. Since Two Men and a Truck charge by hour, it is cost saving if you have everything packed prior to their arrival so they aren’t waiting around for you to finish packing. Remember if you compare prices, the hourly rate of Two Men and a Truck includes the truck, the furniture wrapping stuff and the dollies you’d have to rent with a U-Haul. With our experience, they were very very fast and efficient.

  14. Linda says:

    One packing tip I learned from a professional packer on one of our corporate paid relocation moves was to use zip lock bags for those little things in drawers like office supplies or loose jewelry or bathroom items. One packer did that on our first corporate relocation move and another one just dumped a drawer of little things into a big box. You can imagine which one was easier to unpack. From then on with the corporation relocation moves, I didn’t take the risk of having lots of loose little things at the bottom of boxes so I pre-packed and labeled the bags of little items.

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