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One Response to “Top 10 Cost Saving Tips for Cross Country Moves”

  1. Norma-Jeanne Hennis says:

    Our money is very limited but we cannot risk damage or lost items. We are currently renting a ranch house because I am disabled and cannot climb stairs too well.
    We need a two bed two bathroom apt with the rooms not too small because my husband gets clautrophobic. We have big furniture because we are originally from NYC and they builit big furniture then but we will get rid of anything to make the weight and volume less. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my husband has had 2 heart attacks and lung cancer. He is missing a lung. I can’t walk very well but we can’t afford to hire people to help us move. I have two kids but one will be away from San diego when we move and the other lives in Burlington, VT. I will somehow do most of the packing. I can’t pack heavy stuff, books or records but I will pack what I can. Most of the stuff to be put on the truck is in the garage. It will go into a apt bldg with an elevator which is good and hopefully even the first floor s I can have a patio but also the risk of a burglary. I hope not to spend more than $3000 TOTAL on this move, including fees, taxes and everything. I would like to move on 8/22 and be in the new place within a week because we don’t have money to rent an hotel room. But we do have money and have pre-qualified for a loan. If you need more info, just ask. Some of the stuff is very delicate. Also, I need to know if it pays to buy a new mattress because ours is so old but if it costs more to buy than to ship we have to stay with the old. Everytyhing is VERY clean and I wanted new blankets so as not to get bugs!!!!!

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