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3 Responses to “Automobile Relocation Services – A Broker or a Mover?”

  1. Corsia Logistics says:

    Pamela, you have definitely shared some great advice here on broker vs. carrier in the auto transport industry.

    I just would like to mention a few things. Working with a broker is better for the customer in most cases, and here is why. A broker has access to thousands of verified carrier and a good broker will only work with high ranked carrier. From this point the broker can work on the price and on the timing of shipping a car. The price often determines the time it will take to ship a car. The price often change due to supply and demand and seasonal fluctuations, therefore it is much better to work with a broker. A carrier can also help you as a customer, but only if you have contacted a carrier who travels the route you are shipping. And even in this case it can take longer for the carrier to ship the car if he is fully booked. That’s why it is always better to work with a carrier / broker company that can handle any request and find a carrier faster.


    Corsia Logistics

  2. Gareth Jones says:

    So how do we know if certain carrier is a scam? What markers should we look for? Low price? Small deposit amount? Also, if something like this happens to me, is there any way I can get my deposit back?

  3. John Franco Tignini says:

    We decided to hire Ace Car Shipping based on the quote and a recommendation we got from a friend and all worked out well.

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